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2021 Dillydoun International Fiction Prize Winners

Congratulations to the Winners & Honorable Mentions for the2021 Dillydoun International Fiction Prize 1st PlaceAlejandro de GutierreIn the Shadow 2nd PlaceKerri SchlottmanA Daytime Moon 3rd PlaceChristopher WhylandThe Exit Guide Honorable Mentions Nora StudholmeThe Scales Cynthia SingermanThe Most Interesting Man in the World Alexandra GowlingAfter the Seige of Syracuse Rudy RuizAllegiance Anna MillardMary Oliver Is Dead […]

2021 Dillydoun International Fiction Prize Longlist

Please join me in congratulating the writers who made the longlist for the 2021 Dillydoun International Fiction Prize. Winners will be announced on or before December 31, 2021. names appear in no particular order Alejandro de Gutierre – In the ShadowKevin Reigle – Early Bird Café – Read the Story HereAmina Gautier – Simple CarePorter […]

The Poem Everyone Writes

A Poem by Julie Benesh is the one about passing time: those old movieswhere wind blows the calendar pages and clocksrun down; the commercials where kidsgrow up in an instant or morphinto their paunchy parents. But there’s that other poem that stops timelike a snapshot that is not your weddingor anything designated special. Just a […]

Gone Fishing

A Poem by Chloe Bausano As the storm outside hits its stride I feelthat I am sitting inside of an inverse goldfishbowl. A pink, felt cowboy hat that I bought inTennessee watches me peer through the heavydroplets on the window, pressing me into this cocoon of peppermint tea, heavy blankets, andmemories. Days like this call […]

2021 Dillydoun International Fiction Prize

Welcome to the 2021 Dillydoun International Fiction Prize The competition is now closed We wish all entrants the best of luck! Winners will be announced by November 30, 2021 Cash Prizes 1st Place – $2,000 2nd Place – $1,000 3rd Place – $500 Honorable Mentions – $50 All winners and honorable mentions will be published […]

Home: Finding My Way in the Maine Woods Part 3: Promised Land

Anthony EmersonCovering FAMILY, PLACE, AND HEALTHTDR Regular Contributor / October 20, 2021 Part Three: Promised Land There is a place that I love so much I wish nobody else knew about it. And yet, people do know about it. I’ve seen other souls haunting the space, blind to my reverence and sense of ownership over […]

Minneapolis Almost a Year and a Half After George Floyd’s Death

Nicole ZelnikerCOVERING A YEAR LATER: HOW LOCAL COMMUNITIES CONTINUE TO ADVOCATE FOR BLACK LIVES AFTER GEORGE FLOYD’S MURDERTDR Regular Contributor / October 19, 2021 George Floyd’s death resonated with people across the country and around the world. In the immediate aftermath, protests cropped up in cities near and far. Politicians and grassroots organizers have come […]

My soul sits at the edge of Arlington and Washington DC

A Poem by Anita Nahal Quietly awaiting my return. Arms crossed, kinda slouched, in grass blades drenched to their core, at the corner of where Arlington and DC shake hands. Puddles around me…tiny pools of hope glistening and swaying, grooving with drops that fall incessantly. Not the stormy kind. Enough to wet me, though leaving […]

Poem About Pee

A Poem by Michael Cox-Maldonado for Fred D’Aguiar To search online if it’s your prostate?Petrifying, like spottinga poison tree frog on your palm.A lump that pollutes.My professor, polite and playful,I will write, just like you.Us drinking Shock Top at Wolfgang Pucks.Picture us poeticizing with all the p’s and piss.Pick up the pace? How with plague […]

Want to Be a Writer? Write Something!

Ronald McGuireCovering The Business of Being a WriterTDR Regular Contributor /October 1, 2021 So you want to be a writer, and the starting point seems obvious, write something! Therein lies the problem. Writing, creating, storytelling, that is the beginning of the journey, not the destination. The next step is getting published, and as hard as […]


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