Prose Poetry

Gold to bare

A Prose Poem by Matthew Dettmer I’m visiting the suburbs it’s twenty-five minutes from my apartment to tom’s house along the lake the drive was stunning changing leaves the lake bright blue under the sky I drove slurping coffee from a mug balancing it against the turns on and off the highway now we’re outside in […]

l’homme sans odeur

A Prose Poem by d w Stojek We sat, my Grandmother, myself, with my Mother between, quietly in the waiting room of the doctor’s practice.  I cannot remember, despite my best attempts, as to which of us was the patient to be. I was four perhaps, five years of age and suffered frequent bouts of […]

New Year’s Eve

A Prose Poem by Bryan Barks As we walk to dinner, you and I are reflecting on what an awful year it has been. “But at least we got married this year!” you say. No, my love. That was last year. But yes, let’s just say we got married this year. Let’s push the rest […]


A Prose Poem by Ace Boggess While I lay in bed, reading a novel by Hesse, I said to my then-wife, “I don’t think Burroughs is my favorite writer anymore.” The next morning, I read in the paper that he died. I know: coincidence, not serendipity, interconnectedness, butterflies flapping their wings in the Amazon. Reasoning couldn’t […]