Knowing He Would Never Come Back

A Poem by Remi Seamon He was a man who left spit to congealon the roadside. I watched him and knewwe should be kind. We shouldtake warning. We should forgive each otherthe iron in our eyes.He bent suddenly to his life and walked away still I stood in the snow.(I never said it.) In the […]

Sometimes I Long for the Day I Almost Died

A Poem by Rose Strode There was a moment I hung head-down in the storm-deep creek, knee pinned between a treeand my bicycle, when all fear went out of me. I mean completely, the way the sea removes debrisfrom the living purple lace of the body of a sea fan. The current waved me, gently. […]


A Poem by Manjot Singh this is not the time to despair—new tides are growing outof your gutter-mouth slurpingtruth however you get itsideways. currents are flowing along the malls of reconciliationholding steady for your beltingelegy. you declare funeral ofpast—horizon of tidal compromiseand glass house press conferences. you scream of renewed mandate yetwreak of dilution—stewing brothof […]

Reading Facebook in Bed

A Poem by Karen Keltz You click on “La Grande, Oregon Memories”And someone has posted a bare brown hillSporting a few sparse evergreensAnd wants identificationSo you write the name and clickBecause you rememberThe gas station below itCalled Five CornersWhere back behind there wasA dancing bear in a cageAnd you asked your dadFor five cents to […]


A Poem by Thomas Reed Willemain The long, rainy rideDown to BaltimoreGave me plenty of timeTo wonder how to play it,Knowing it might beThe last trip but one. I decided to let him decide.It was his death not mine.I would listen hard to seeIf he wanted to talk about it.I never heard the cuesAnd maybe […]

Un Recuerdo

A Poem by Niko Eden On school nights,When we bedSocietal masses,I unmask. I let myself unwind to you,Un Recuerdo. Not enough months have passedTo devour the memory of you. Un Recuerdo Devouring me until our scentHas soaked each other’s skin. Sabor a mí “I want to smell you.I want to taste you.” And how you […]

My Sand Circle of Words

A Poem by Eve Chilali A soft circle of anger overwhelms me:Anger cannot be soft,Anger cannot be round. I don’t understand the assignmentI don’t want a shaman in on my pain.None of this makes any sense to me. Only words make sense to me.So I will write my Shaman Sand Circle in wordsOnly in words […]


A Poem by J.C. Bratcher If I could harness my hardness,Buttress the heart to the carcass,Rare to quiet the harping of harlots,Hard to hearken how innocence parted,Concepts of potential, amiss and abysmal,Eventual grifter, adrift with a hymnal.Blood of Christ is brought to life,Perished in harness, dawning of lies,Avalanche of souls upon the varnishTake this cross, […]


A Poem by Julia Haney I squeeze sea urchin spinesfrom my sister’s palm,diving wine darkpainto the breakingpinholebeneath her skin wherecities unfold,new languagesparks,green stars pressagainst space.here,her eyes are pinwheelsand the shore isa horsegalloping towardswhat will be will be.here, I am grassunderfootI am eucalyptusdecayingjust a hymnto sharpnessyou cannot piercewithout a supple landing placefor the shrill,nocturnal cry,for the […]

This Is Not an Epic Poem

A Poem by Sally Badawi Tonight, I saw your nameYou published somethingYour face and fictionOutrageous:You’re still writing and living in the worldWith that cheesy grinYou jolted meD: “I never read his work”E: “He can suck a crab claw”I picture your awkward hands and heavy tongueSlurping on crabGrad school isn’t for the weakI knew thatGrad school isn’t […]

Old Year

A Poem by Vijaya Sundaram The old year is dyingAnd a new one limps around the corner,And we wait in tired expectation. Yes, we do our chores,Wash our dishes, fold our clothes,Read the news, tell each other“I love you” every day. But the old year is dying,And a new year waits, behind that corner,Breathing shallowly, […]

From a Wish

A Poem by Oliver C. Seneca out of my mindinto the universemy thoughts materializenothing into somethingimagination into creation I’ve thought of younow I can hold you it’s no longer a dreama wishyou’re here with me perhaps you’ve always been Oliver C. Seneca was born and raised in the suburbs of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. His first foray […]


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