Solo Trip

A Poem by Gabby Mijalski-Fahim Four tires marry the border of two states while the rain falls with the temperature andtrees trade in their mottled hands for pined hooks,dipping down to kiss the roof of the carthat soon abandons acres of empty pasture lands,left to settle in the mirror of its left wing.Ahead, the road […]

Packing for the Beach

A Poem by Lorrie Ness Leave room in the dufflefor Velveeta and dryer sheets,the pool of light below the lampand your appetite for chewingpencils. Toss them in—a collection of wine-stained corks,fishhooks and thread. We’ll string theminto a necklace of bobbers, wear itas a flotation device because shirazhas always kept our heads above water.Go ahead and […]


A Poem by Anabell Donovan My friend is dying. His life is tornmemory brocadesfluttering in archedwindow panesabout to be blowninto a dark night,and no corneris hidden enoughfor me to cover him. He is lost on a strollby crumbling mud wallson abandonedtarragon tangled gardensbitter in the sun. Where is the undiscoveredhealing temple?I blame it for yesterday’s […]


A Poem by Wren Donovan We burn the witch, the old goatthe little old man of the old yearand our scapegoat carries our sin.We are blameless now, we are forgiven.We burn the Other for easy atonement, give over the bad onessurrender the sorceress, conjurer, evil eyehand over the misfit, misbegotten, miscreant.Consensual fire cleans bone to […]

Sure as hell won’t be tellin’ ya

A Poem by Oakley Ayden — after Lucinda Williams Raw heartache isaxed clean by myprairie smoke lovesomewhere deep inhoney wheat Helena. We stay up eatingup only sweettruths, potatoplain as pie. Oakley Ayden (she/her) is an autistic, bisexual writer from North Carolina. Her poems appear in Ghost City Review, The Cabinet of Heed, Maw: Poetry Journal, […]


A Poem by Sarah Warring “The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.” – Albert Einstein Does God create a human’s skill for wit-Or maybe spiritual enlightenment?Some cleverness of carpenter’s kitAn analysis and environment The insight is in adapting to change-An understanding in the need for shift.The ingenuity to accept strange-Athena has wisdom to […]

Fiat Justitia

A Poem by Penny Senanarong I dream of Oðinn upon the towering tree,Its bone-like branches, a spine jutting through the earth.Tight throat, choking on a swollen tongue–How long is nine days and nine nightsWhen you can’t breathe?Time constricts and dilates into an eternity. The Hanged Man says to let go and Four of Swords to […]

Shire Music

A Poem by Benjamin Rose To himself as he was at six years old Let me rise from this bed insensateWhere, with inconsolable eyes, I weep;A child of no–one sobbing in darkness.Desperate to ease the burden of his fate.They have gone, they have gone—Damnit, where am I!?Where is the shining joy of the light?Of amber […]

The Role of The Critic

A Poem by Jeffrey Hampton Youtube education today…Sitting at home, the video playswhile one stays in their seat.A presumptive expert (Which he is).A receptive hard headed pleeb (Which I am).Enter into a one sided dialogue for two. The expert is confident that his grandexpertness is essential. He went toYale, so he would know. Research,Preparedness, score […]

Black Coffee

A Poem by Alex Dako Soothing my soul withaching appetites, withsad songs, thesesoliloquies and screams,of caffeinated,sobriety. Soaking through notepadassumptions, in ascoff of slippers, onlate-night,linoleum. When all you need isthe world to slow down,just a little, soyou can catch up, orslip up, on the samepeople, over thesame lines, read aloud, in the pages ofthe soul. Alex Dako, […]

An Ode to Reality

A Poem by Allison Lemel Routines beginWash, makeup, try to appear thin.Designer top, glazed personaLet’s see who can bring the drama.Turn on the camera, the lightsSo they can capture all the fights.Miss the old days, when things were normalThings didn’t always end in turmoil.They’re back again, time to roll.Smile, cry, doesn’t matter the toll.Just make […]


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