The Poem Everyone Writes

A Poem by Julie Benesh is the one about passing time: those old movieswhere wind blows the calendar pages and clocksrun down; the commercials where kidsgrow up in an instant or morphinto their paunchy parents. But there’s that other poem that stops timelike a snapshot that is not your weddingor anything designated special. Just a […]

Gone Fishing

A Poem by Chloe Bausano As the storm outside hits its stride I feelthat I am sitting inside of an inverse goldfishbowl. A pink, felt cowboy hat that I bought inTennessee watches me peer through the heavydroplets on the window, pressing me into this cocoon of peppermint tea, heavy blankets, andmemories. Days like this call […]

My soul sits at the edge of Arlington and Washington DC

A Poem by Anita Nahal Quietly awaiting my return. Arms crossed, kinda slouched, in grass blades drenched to their core, at the corner of where Arlington and DC shake hands. Puddles around me…tiny pools of hope glistening and swaying, grooving with drops that fall incessantly. Not the stormy kind. Enough to wet me, though leaving […]

Poem About Pee

A Poem by Michael Cox-Maldonado for Fred D’Aguiar To search online if it’s your prostate?Petrifying, like spottinga poison tree frog on your palm.A lump that pollutes.My professor, polite and playful,I will write, just like you.Us drinking Shock Top at Wolfgang Pucks.Picture us poeticizing with all the p’s and piss.Pick up the pace? How with plague […]


A Poem by Wayne David Hubbard wanderlust is my middle name unpenned verbs in the book of longing alanis morissette crooning irony through tinny speakers at a bar in arizona i raise a shot glass to you and swallow it whole Wayne David Hubbard is an author and educator. His work appears in Button Poetry, […]


A Poem by d w Stojek O’ it’s a lonely maypole in three footfall snow, and where may I go without reason, without clothes? By the seat of my bicycle, full of frost and icicles let my Fancy sway, unfettered in the winter’s shortened day… “Yes, but well, what are you doing here?” Had you […]

The Longest Snow Day

A Poem by Susan Miller It will be like a snow day —all of us penned in our holes,yearning to topple ontobarstools, strip off ourwinter wool, order roundsof Jack and uncorkour weather war stories. Yeh, just like a snow day,that’s what you said, asalways so rock-solid sure.You didn’t want to hearmy what-ifs, feel myclammy palms, […]

Pre-Made Canteen

A Poem by Mercury-Marvin Sunderland today i woke upat 7 amso i could sign upfor my fall quarter classat 8 am i atea quick sandwichof dollar store white breadmustard & mayokraft singlesgarlic baloneypicklespotato chips & i grabbedone (1) pre-made canteenof morning coffeefrom the fridge poured one (1) mug& reheatedfor three (3) minutesthen put it backin […]

Café Bourbon Street

A Poem by James Croal Jackson (Columbus, Ohio, 2018) Shades of Colorado, bleakas winter sky packing gearin the trunk before yourflight, reverberations ofsong trapped in guitarfrom the blinking purpleshow at the grime dive.I went to exhaust theirpierogi supply, to sitin crowded silencewatching the people aroundme, wondering why I camehere, the question resonatingalong the ceiling, silentas […]

I want a wholesome life

A Poem by Anita Nahal Which might explain why like pieces of bread dunked in hot tea or milk I may fall off suddenly. Pliable and desirous to be held. You’ll try picking up remains metastasizing like kneaded dough gone awry, rolling like a gooey ball stuck. Stuck and stuck, refusing to budge. Not mine […]

The Last Day of Summer

A Poem by Anna Papadopoulos She’s twelve —a faux-leather fringed bagholds her confidence in place.The tips of her ballet shoespeep out like a Labrador’s faceframed by the partially rolled-downcar window.Her pigtails swish back and forthand greet the day. He’s older —with limbs that have outgrowntheir rootslike wild weeds.His red cap flapswithout saying much.His Pumas hit […]


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