A Poem by Sarah Plummer We’ve become transient in our daily dealings,like hobos peddling emotions from dark saddlebags,casual and lonely. At night our bodies are cathedrals inhabited by godless tourists — crowding into each other,finding symbolism in each breath,praising the dim fresco of your chest. “It must have taken years to paint such detail across […]

I’m a Riverboat Boy, Poem on Halsted Street

A Poem by Michael Lee Johnson As sure as church bellsSunday morning, ringingon Halsted and State Street, Chicago,these memories willbe soon forgotten.I stumble in my life with these words like broken sentences.I hear and denounce myself in the distance,mumbling chatter off my lips.Fragments and chips.Swearing at the parts of me I can’t see;walking away rapidly […]

Dream What Dreams

A Poem by Paul Pruitt Do I dream the Red King, or am I in the Red King’s dream? Do we Each the other dream, or do we dream, Both, one dream of mutual exercise? Am I contained in his dream, free— More so than we may be in waking life— And have I freed […]

Winter Prayers

A Poem by Julia Ponder This will not be the last congregation of sparrowsto gather in the empty winter orchard, and comb in it for left behind skins and stems;each picks and plucks between the muddy aisles of apple treesscanning the scripture of dirt for secret thawed places hidden in snowwhere their answered prayers lie. […]

And I Will

A Poem by Esme Waters Real poets describe me as artless.Me, someone who throws words onto the pagewith very little grasp of poets past. Real poets, they craft.They, artists, have accessto a (the) special place. I am not allowed to go there.I am not allowed to pretendto go there, without permission. And they never give […]

Crows in Hard Consonance

A Poem by Gina Ferrara An unknown hour, arrives unassigned,above crenellated stucco walls, a flock flies in crown formation,unbreakable, an avian presence, ominous halo, dark corona without beginning or end,their black plumage an honest onyx holding evidence of moon glow and lifted luminosityto give sheen, divine shine, nearly oiled, anointed… they cast no shadows, only […]

Hecate of the Wild

A Poem by Kendra Leonard I’m not your loverand I’m not your girland I will leave this house for the wood and there I’ll make myself a placeof timber and branchand mystery. All the children shall call me the witchthough I haven’t a single spell,but do walk alone in the nightto watch the batsgo hunting. […]

Selves, in Six Haiku

A Poem by Steve Gerson “I can find my way,” I said, myself at 21, my black and white world aligned at right angles, the horizon a crosshair centered polestar straight. “I see a light,” Isaid, myself at 41,“and fly toward it,” in row-beat meterto climb steep sky inclinesbut glide winded down, dimmed, a crow molting.“I’ve been,” I said, […]