Pitch It

Are you interested in publishing work on The Dillydoun Review’s blog but want to run the idea past us first? Here is your chance.

We are currently looking for a group of volunteer-based, Regular Contributors. Folks who are interested in committing to at least four articles, to be published each week for a month. If you have an idea for a four-part (or more) series, let us know.

We are especially interested in (but not limited to):

Race, Gender, Identity, Culture,  Academic, Pedagogy
The Craft of Writing, The Art of Reading,
Conversation Between Writers
Interviews, Reviews, Opinion Pieces
Historic, Scientific, Economic, Technology

Leave anything out? Let us know.

Submitting a pitch does not guarantee publication but it does open dialogue and a world of possibilities.

If you have fallen out of love with this form or it is misbehaving in some maddening way, just send the same sort of information directly to thedillydounreview@gmail.com with Pitch It in the subject.