Sharron Miller


The only time people love you When the casket close.
The only time they care about you When you there no more.
They only give you flowers When you cant smell the rose.
Only cry tears of joy for me Because I’m going home.
Mistakes will be made But don’t let it hinder you.
We all got skeletons in our closet Don’t be afraid to show the bones.
Never throw dirt on anybody Cause you digging your own hole.
Life is short So live in the moment.
Pray to the lord every day That he watch my soul.
Lost so many of my niggas I just feel alone.
I just cry every night Cause my niggas gone.
I’m in this cold cold world,More like a blizzard tho.
This is hard life
Pray to the lord that he watch over me
All theses snakes Like the garden of the eve
I’m in the dark Cause I’m feeling lonely
Where I’m going
I don’t really know
I’m having nightmares
This world is so cold
When will it end lord
I don’t really know
It’s a hard life
That’s all I know
I see the world falling
Well let it Burn and crash
I’m having nightmares That I’ma pass
Lord take my soul the devil want it bad
People laughs
People talk all the time
I go to church They gossip bout me From behind
Dear lord watch my soul And guide me every day
The devil in the church He trying to take over the place

Sharron Miller is a published author and a poet. He also do animation voices and music. He love writing poetry because he can express how he feeling on a piece of paper. He put his heart and soul into every word he writes. His passion for it grows everyday. I written this poem to express my feelings on the world we live in. I love writing poetry that I can be creative with while talking about a serious subject.