Lana La Framboise

Colors gave us enough to bury our Past

and we’ll be washed away one day
the clouds moving in fast forward
will not stop to carry us away
for we are as nightmares: frigid
I was never good enough this way

and the colors, they gave us so much
watch now as they become a vivid glow
grey skies give them nothing to clutch
soon, like us, all of their paint will be snow–
did I betray you with that touch?

and now the rain stains won’t retire ‘til May
our secrets and bodies held below the surface
maybe you’ll come to learn them one day
forget it all, you said there was no purpose
now our dismay becomes a solemn parade

and yet I can’t stop thinking of you
next to rising suns decorating the earth
with those words we once knew
yet for you, none of it was of any worth
was it beautiful to think that we grew?

and while the world lingers on a fray
cold coffee cups will capture dead flies
(since anxiety is always barely at bay)
and we’ll be bones, left with broken glass

see how winter would do well to bury my past?

Lana La Framboise is a published author of two novels, At Center Line and Beyond Center Line. She has also been published in Aquinas College’s annual literary and art publication, the SAMPLER 33, with creative nonfiction and poetry. Lana recently earned her B.A in English Writing from Aquinas College and looks forward to pursuing a Master’s of Fine Arts from San Jose State University. In addition to writing, Lana is also a dancer and enjoys exercising and taking her dog for walks.