Issue 8

Short Story

Family Pictures
Chaya Kahanovitch

Foxglove Tea
Amelia Kleiber

All This Wind
Liam Strong

The Process
A. Whittenberg

Flash Fiction

Catherine Chang

The Gift
Sarah Enamorado

Bob McNeil

Bianca’s Wondrous Smile
Marcelo Medone

My Sister and the Brown Recluse
Mark Putzi

Semantic Satiation
Gary Reddin

Sky Sprayberry


A Dream
Genevieve Betts

The Return
Matthew James Friday

ain’t no rest
Anagha Khandelwal

Colors gave us enough to bury our Past
Lana La Framboise

The Immigrants’ Children Grow Up
Anna Papadopoulos

Opposites attract
Doug Van Hooser

Prose Poetry

Steve Gerson

Where We Once Belonged
Mary Lynn Reed

Flash Nonfiction

Wendy BooydeGraaff

Harry Smart
Marco Etheridge

When the Watermelon Fell
Melanie Kallai

Shut Against the Light
Maggie Walcott