Té V. Smith

Yard Sale

We sell nearly everything. A small man haggles over flip-flops twice his size. Both bikes go to a good home. “My elderly neighbor walks,” says the woman buying the cooling hat. A sighing yield to $50 for the $300 dresser to the family of six. A dude with hair stuck to his forehead grins as he buys a pack of children’s panties, then drives away in a car that has no car seat. “We should watch the news more,” she says later as we nestle around the laptop, with the kids during our last movie night. Some fairytale about a fish who longs to keep his head above water.

Té V. Smith is a Nigerian American writer living in New Orleans. Té teaches History, Music Performance, and Creative Writing. Té V. Smith can be reached at tewrites@gmail.com. Follow on Instagram and Twitter @tevsmith. You can also reach him at www.tevsmith.com