Julie Benesh

Karma, By Another Name

Babe?! Did you hear the clatter in the kitchen? The dog has gobbled down our dinner… again!

When we come back, from, you, know, beyond, one of us is gonna be him. We probably already were! We probably take turns as dog, me, you; you, me, dog; you, dog, me. Checks, balances;  mutually assured preservation, life after life. 
Comforting thought …so… pizza or Chinese? 

When in doubt, do both. Chianti, jasmine tea, potstickers.. 

…egg rolls, sausage and cheese, cannoli and fortune cookies.

Remember that place we used to go to finish each others’…              
                              …meals?                                        Sentences!	

Fornetto Mei. The pizza with the red grapes...We sat by the oven on cold winter nights, talking about Nietzsche, watching the cook with the little long-handled shovel?  



The husband was Italian, the wife Chinese; the food: not fusion, more ....   

                              …eclectic.                                        …complementary.

Well, but not free. 

With an e…Remember in Paris? The bakery lady yelling “pas compris” when you snagged that macaroon…

Yin and yang? Like us? 

 …that sweet hot chili oil went with everything, made it all …

…better, right! 				…elevated.

Like you!

Look who’s complimentary..with an I!

A graduate of Warren Wilson College’s Program for Writers, Julie Benesh is recipient of an Illinois Arts Council Grant and her writing can be found in Bestial Noise: A Tin House Fiction Reader, Tin House Magazine (print), Crab Orchard Review, Florida Review, Gulf Stream, Hobart, New World Writing, Cleaver, Journal of Compressed Creative Arts, and many other places. Read more at juliebenesh.com.