Issue 7

Short Story

Everybody Dies In Their Fantasies
Seven Autumns

Dancers in a Mirror
Gail Hammill

The Hearthstone
Jonathan Harper

Fear of Fire
J.B. Hill

Adventures in River Rocks
Townsend Montilla

Where We Go After
Hayden Sidun

Mama Quandary
Donnae Wahl

Flash Fiction

Dawn, flickering
David Brensilver

The Shelter
Jean-Paul Lor

Rural Routes and Trailer Parks
Kevin Joseph Reigle

Yard Sale
Té V. Smith


A Fish Tale
Jeff Lawenda


Karma, by Another Name
Julie Benesh

The Relaxation Factor
Robert Beveridge

Eve Chilali

Anabell Donovan

Restless Moon
Robin Gow

Zombie Life
Joseph Hardy

At my plain brown desk
Elizabeth Palmer Kellogg

Of Madmen and Poets
Lily Mayo

Anita Nahal

The Year Of The Plague
Hibah Shabkhez

Like nothing changed at all
Audrey Wahking

Prose Poetry

Rigor (Amor)tis
Cecilia M. Gigliotti