Savita Joshi


My body holds sun
like the river holds water.

It also holds scars that way –
tokens of loving and playing
too hard.
Of sorrow.

I look at this beautiful brown
vessel, that carries my
temperamental heart.
My soft curves – hillsides-
sloping downwards towards
my feet – roots –
anchoring me down.

Sometimes my head is in the stars,
moon filling my mouth
with light.

And someday,
it will be in the dirt.
Finding its way back
to the center of the earth.

Savita Joshi is a creative writer and aspiring journalist living in Santa Cruz, Ca. With a background in environmental studies, Savita loves blending her love for the natural world into her writing. She has a passion for writing poetry, lyrics, and articles focused on reproductive justice. Most days she can be found in the redwood forest behind her house, observing and writing about what she sees. You can find her other works of poetry and prose on her website