MarieAnn C. Raguso

Drive Away

Did you ever feel lost on the road driving home
only to realize you can’t go back?

Would there be anyone there waiting for you
or would you be left in the cold?

The wind may whisper in your ear “keep going,”
but you will always turn back.

The time you’ve grown to know is bitter, my dear,
but you need to clear your head of the torn
melodies that call for you to stay, when
there’s no way you can grow there
and you know it to be true each time
you get back in the car and drive away.

MarieAnn C. Raguso wrote the screenplay for the independent film, “Revival of Darkness,” under the pseudonym MarieAnn Rosko in 2007. The most recent publication she was featured in was Hinnom Magazine Issue 004 for her short fiction story, “The Atlantow” in 2017. She has an MFA in Creative Writing, and oddly enough, starts her Ph.D. in Criminal Justice: Behavioral Science (a.k.a. Forensic Psychologist) this year. (www. marieanncraguso .com)