Issue 4

Short Story

The Last Fornication
Seven Autumns

Naturally Unnatural
Greg Charpentier

Sam Feldman

Taylor Tyler Trailer Fire
Dave Fromm

Moon Has Lost Her Memory
Susannah Heffernan

Aunt Melania
Ewa Mazierska

A Young Heart’s Dangerous Hobby
Bibiana Ossai

Lunchable Day
Tenley Sablatzky

I Wait for You Among the Seagulls
Mário Santos

Chain of Events
John Sheirer

A Whole New Year
Byron Spooner

Honeymoon Suite
Gillian Wills

Flash Fiction

The Lighthouse Keeper
Loredano Cafaro

When the Sun Goes to Sleep
Alexa Joyce


Beasts Live Where Flowers Grow
Christaan Felber

Another Obituary
Douglas Krohn

Heat in the Hermitage
Steven Christopher McKnight

The Traits of Leaves Can Teach Us
Mike McQuillan

On Visiting the Very Famous and Poorly Reviewed Library in Tianjin
Hailey Neal

Madhurika Sankar

Breaking the Uroboros
Mariam Vahradyan


Open Letter in the Peerless Age
J.P. Amador

Responding to the Busy Monster, Mr. Cummings
Elijah Comas

Max French

Christian Garduno

Savita Joshi

Love Was All Around
Allan Lake

Paris at 20
Cindy Milwe

My Friends Are All Dying
Anna Papadopoulos

Drawing Amnesia
Ilari Pass

Drive Away
MarieAnn C. Raguso

Brandan Roberts

Lithe Love
Tom Squitieri

If God Gave A Fuck About Trans People They Would’ve Made Us Crabs
Myles Taylor


Prose Poetry

Queer GenXers
Margot Douaihy

Ezra Dan Feldman

My Mother is Unripened Peaches
Kelsey Fuson

Prisoner #09092002
Sophie Szew