James Reilly

Liquid Therapy

Closer than my jugular vein, you flow
through sacred passages, until you reach
the part of me where everything resides.

You tap into my nerves. My firmament
gives way to you, and I melt into your
depths, the one place where I can feel secure.

I mediate on you; now I can feel
your warmth radiate through me, until we’re
glowing like embers on a wind-chilled night.

We make a pretty good team, you know that?
Let’s stay together a while longer,
just until I can get back on my feet.

Hold me close, in your smothering embrace;
I’ll wash my hands in you, and be absolved.

James Reilly was born in New York City, and now resides in the Hudson Valley. He has been writing poetry for several years, working in a variety of forms and styles.