J. A. Savage


I sat down to write a poem
I stood up to think about it
I walked the path looking out for it
I lay down to dream it into the world
I fell over at the shocking beauty of it
I got to my feet gasping for breath grasping for balance grappling with the gravity of it
I reached out to hold onto it
I tripped over its secret glories
I collapsed in sheer awe
I drank in its truth and mystery and drank to my fill of its joy
I wept with joy at its source
I embraced its perfectness
I whispered to it as if to a wounded bird that settled in my hand for shelter
I nurtured it to life and opened my hand to release it into the wide world.
It flapped broken wings and fell to earth
So I sat down to write a poem.

j.a. savage is a South African living in a small town outside Utrecht in the Netherlands. At the time of writing, he is in good health (twitter @savagefokus)