Issue 3

Short Story

Finding what is lost in a Pandemic
Suzette Blom

David Brensilver

The Deer
Kevin Del Principe

The Sandman’s Garden
Robert Diamante

Life Remains a Blessing
Jane Ehrenfeld

The Bus Stop
Marissa Isch

Love Seat
Bobby Mathews

Pockets of Dust
Andrew J. Older

The Best of Weed and Whiskey
Nathan Perrin

Fair Dinkum
Sylvia Schwartz

Flash Fiction

it takes fifteen years to sell a house
Maya Djurisic

A Good Eye
Esther Herdman

Powder Room
Elizabeth Lorayne

Beth Stevens


A Prismatic State of Mind
Erica Abbott

The Murder
Stephanos Bitsakaki

Pink Supermoon
Ace Boggess

In the Time of Pandemic
Joan Hofmann

Shaving Naked
James King

Emerson Kurdi

A Ballad of Sunken Eyes
Susie Isabella

My Brother Tells His Story
Anna Papadopoulos

Liquid Therapy
James Reilly

Parking Spot
Juanita Rey

J. A. Savage

Climate Change
Joyce Schmid

Prose Poetry

Injured Parties
Julie Benesh

Divorce in Seabirds
Sandra Castiço

Short Talk on Translation
Natalia A. Pagán Serrano


The Hill We Climb
N.M. Campbell

The Alt-Right and Me
Miriam Edelson

Meta, Meta, Cool, Cool, Cool: An Introduction
Gregory Gonzalez

What Haunts You About That House
Jim Hohenbary

Nancy Pelosi’s Antigone Resilience against Trump’s ‘Mirror Image.’
Miniature Malekpour

The Throwaway Rocktrumpet
Dominique Margolis

Civilization Disappoints, Again
Clint Martin

Alejandra’s Lilac Shroud
Kimmo Rosenthal

Twin A and Twin B
Brad Snyder