Lisa Lucas

Self Portrait

Private schools, camps, holidays, horses, museums, galleries and
a mother nudging him towards the arts.

So he listened and studied
line, colour, texture,
all the masters.

With time, his mother’s wishes took shape and slowly morphed into
sailboats, horses, dogs and memories of travel.

All carefully imagined.
All carefully crafted.

Until an art critic wrote,

Art imprisoned by privilege…
unconsciously executed.

Lisa Lucas started writing for Reader’s Digest and freelancing for newspapers. Later, she wrote extensively on issues related to literacy and health that were featured in publications across Canada. Several years ago, she joined forces with Laurie Stein, an illustrator, and together they have created a number of books that cover subjects from climate change to refugees. Lisa’s work has been recognized by The New York Times, The Kirkus Reviews (starred) and more. Over the last few years, Lisa has turned her attention to poetry and multimedia and although she considers herself a novice, she is smitten.