Laura Rockhold

Uprooting New Life

after “How Far Away We Are” by Ada Limón

we said good-bye to the sugar maple
with her eight arms stretching to the sun
making her own space in the world
sending her spinning wishes
she gave us two years of firewood
stumps in a line for small feet to balance
and more to rest by the fire
I walked the ground she held
and found another gift
three uprooted daffodil bulbs
some sweet new life she knew I needed
to tuck back into her soil

Laura Rockhold is a poet and visual artist living in Minnesota. She is the inventor of the golden root poetic form, and is working on her first collection of poetry and a multidisciplinary art exhibition that explores the interconnectedness of environmental and social issues and healing. Her work appears or is forthcoming in Variety Pack, Quail Bell Magazine, swifts & slows, Black Fox Literary Magazine, The Hopper and The Dillydoun Review. She holds a B.S. in child psychology from the University of Minnesota. Her website is