Jonathan Marte’

Temperament of a Bl_k Canvas

Deep in the world of polychromatic
Is a realm of pure substance
Filled with so many hues and saturation
That runs deep within my brush strokes
And goes beyond the void
Filled with such vitality and life
While drawing on a white canvas
Using nothing but oils and pastels
My temperament is revealed
While fighting the urge to give up
The urge to reveal myself
My emotions are filled with so many colors
These are the temperaments of a bl_k canvas
That evokes the essence of my spirit and has kindled the elements of nature
Enticed by the allure of frankincense and myrrh
Who draws upon the shades of Rubies and Sapphire
Endowed with the Beauty of Cleopatra and the Jewels of Alexandria
To create something so beautiful
Filled with such deep emotions
Like roses of cherry blossoms or the Sun of a sunflower
These are the temperaments on the canvas
That is rich in deep crimson and is royal as violet
Filled with the Effervescent of Lavender
And as brown as a clay pot
These are my temperaments
Created for my pleasure
Filled with moods none can fathom
As dark as a black licorice, or as bright as a sunset
These are the moods that will never wither
From a temperament of a bl_k canvas
They will grow as blades of grass
Seeking wisdom from those who will answer
Nourishing my very thought process with colors from a rainbow
Never would have imagined the creation of my temperament
That goes beyond the absence of color and reaches towards a bl_k canvas
As gentle as a white crane on a Summer’s Day
Or as hard as a cypress tree shaped in origami
These are the axis beyond my spectrum
Deep within the crevices of my consciousness
Filled with such passion and ever growing madness
While being obsessed with the never waking slumber
To create something from my temperament
That exudes the essence of my spirit and goes beyond the realms of my comprehension
To a place called, “Imagination”
That’s filled with the endless Wonders of Creation
Representing the colors of my temperament
As green as a lily pad
Or is orange as a salamander
Filled with the essence of white lotuses
And the passion of blissfulness
That reaps the soul of the wind
And caresses the edge of the fabric
Creating something so majestic and innocent
From a life breathing being
The Soul of Eternity
That goes beyond the Wings of Ether
And encompasses my eternal aura
To create a picture called, “Emotion”
Coming from the temperament of a bl_k canvas

Jonathan Marte’ aka The Artisan of Words is currently a homeless African-American living on the streets of Indianapolis, Indiana. He’s not a street performer, but he loves sharing his work with other people. Jonathan was recently published by The Dillydoun Review featuring his poem Temperament of a Bl_k Canvas. He enjoys listening to instrumental music, and likes to take long walks while he works. Jonathan is enrolling in IUPUI’s (Indiana University Purdue University of Indianapolis) Liberal Arts Program with a major in creative writing. Follow him on Facebook.