d w Stojek

you might be right

                          You may be right...  it may be true...
Here comes a healthy swath of them swelling the queue,
               frenetically anticipating an episode lurid and lewd...
Over there a circuit of idiots entertains by dipping into divots,
  while mindless Alisons execute “oxen’s socks in a box”,  
                                              “cat’s cradle” and hangman’s knots--

And there goes the trundling savage!
                                      His cranium of crushed cabbage,
chockfull of porridge and sordid pidgin knowledge-
     giggling, gone berserk, with truncheons insulting another’s cartilage!
But make no mistake!!  No one will call you Collateral 
                                      till you are soundly lateral,
              dangling from the Mortal Curlicue: a pillaged petal,
                                                                                                            withered and skeletal....

d w Stojek is a poet, photographer and general nuisance to those within earshot. He is eagerly awaiting the day when ‘Build-a-Bear’ re-opens as a series of genetic labs that will enliven the blighted strip malls of Suburbia.