Issue 20

Short Story

The One That Is Waiting
Gershon Ben-Avraham

Order of Operations
Soramimi Hanarejima

Bethany’s Boyfriend
David Hopes

Flash Fiction

Swimming with Dad
Randy Goggin

The Boy Who Ate Watermelon Cubes
C. T. Saldarini

Of the Minor Saints of an Imaginary Las Vegas
Jules Vasquez


The Kirkpatrick Chapel
Devon Borkowski

P.W. Bridgman

Mathieu Cailler

Later Than You Think
Andrew Kozma

Farm Cemetery (Moss)
Jess Levens

Self Portrait
Lisa Lucas

Temperament of a Bl_k Canvas
Jonathan Marte’/The Artisan of Words

Laura Ann Reed

you might be right
d w Stojek

In Shaa Allah
Fadairo Tesleem

space, gravity & sea
jamilla vandyke-bailey

Madeline, Divine at the Rocks
Dan Wagner

Prose Poetry

Requiem for a Folded-In Girl
Rachel Hughes

The Standard of Behavior
Ken Poyner

Uprooting New Life
Laura Rockhold


Lynne Golodner

Scorpio vs. Leo
Colton Green

Flash Nonfiction

You Don’t Know Her
Elizabeth Amon

Bunny Ears
Aleina Grace Edwards

Puja for Miriam
Carrie Lynn Hawthorne

Linda Petrucelli

The Ache Within
Ellen Sollinger Walker