Ken Olson

The Writer

Joe explains that writing is his thing. “Once it’s in a story, I can make better sense of it,” he often says. But our self-described wordsmith might also park his creative drive for a televised football game, sometimes missing the action to build a snack in the kitchen, compelling him to watch replays of crucial plays, including touchdowns.

Yesterday Joe forgot a tuna-salad sandwich on the counter for the entire fourth quarter plus the overtime period of a Seahawks/Titans game. Today, with considerable relish, Joe slices up one of his Mom’s legendary dills to mitigate his anxiety concerning flat-tasting mayonnaise.

Ken Olson lives in the Pacific Northwest. His haiku poetry has been selected for the ‘Red Moon Anthology’ four times, the 2019 Special Issue of ‘Right Hand Pointing,’ and featured in Ion Codrescu’s new book, ‘The Wanderer Brush.’ In 2019 Ken published stories in Crack the Spine, Sky Island Journal, and Silver Needle Press. In 2020 the inaugural edition of the Centifictionist, Wild Roof Journal, and The Closed Eye Open.