Casey Epstein-Gross

sorry, is this dish big enough to share?

yes, i’d like a dosage of forgetfulness: fill me 
up with your dark night-berries, make me
forget. drown me in your forsaken wine 
until my toes are stained purple and my lungs 
are strained blue. what are your specials tonight? 
stuff me with rotten crab until i feel its eyes moving
around deep within me, a periscope peering 
into my entrails. give me gallon upon gallon 
of bottled love to shoot into my veins in the dimlit 
graffiti’d bathroom stall of a divebar down 
the street, help me find comfort in the warmth 
stemming from my stomach before it burns
me alive. i am round with blueberry muffins
and tall with bird bones and soon all i will
have left are my dirty fingers scraping the plate 
for crumbs, soon all i will have left is the 5 am
nightingale singing outside for scraps

Casey Epstein-Gross is a writer and student from Tallahassee, Florida and her poems have recently appeared or are forthcoming in Permafrost Magazine, Thin Air Magazine, Soundings East, Up North Lit, Raw Art Review, Chaleur, and Rare Byrd Review.