Issue 2 Volume 2

Short Story

Who Cares for the Dead
Elizabeth Banicki

The Newel Post
Kate Becker

Warm Briar
James L. Blackburn

The Accidental Hero
Suzette Blom

Crazy Old Mud
Donovan Bridgeman

Gillian Burnes

Breaking the Order
Matt Dennis

Happy Hour
Pamela Donison

Tastes Like Chicken
William J. Francis

Here is… (Cleaning Out My Closet)
Laura Zinn Fromm

Let the Dog Bark
Peter Hoppock

Flash Fiction

A Cold and Bitter Wind
Joseph Allan

Une Danse dans les Étoiles
Sophia Bradley

The Isabella Rocks
Logan Cox

Anonymous Source
Emma Grace

How to Make a Pie
Heather Hall

This Horse & Cowboy Thing
Ken Olson

The Writer
Ken Olson


Andy Bodinger

why can’t your god be my god
Robert Brakeman

an ugly house on an ugly street, full of all us ugly people
Connor Bye

Jacinta M. Carter

Until Our Memory Empties into the Atlantic
Matthew Domingos

Rose Beuret
Savannah Dunbar

sorry, is this dish big enough to share?
Casey Epstein-Gross

The Long Moon Calls
John Grillo

Thinking of Dead Poets Among the Homeless
Laurie Kuntz

In the moment before now we wait
Arlyn LaBelle

Trapper Markelz

No Quarter
Lindsay McLeod

Prose Poetry

Held in Waiting
Irene Watson


The House on Sumner
Mikayla McLean

Our Beautiful Tahoma
Mike Nolan

Venice: A Drowning City
Leanne Ogasawara

Clark’s Diary
Themo H Peel

Memory Dance
Monica L. Woo

Katherine Yoerg