Thomas-Matthew Elijah Shands

Isn’t It Odd?

Each trick they play we learn their way
That only weak minds fade away
Batting words to hit a target they care less for
I say these players will deplore their act

As it combats the expectancy of intended damage
They may have missed but I’ve caught the message
Of them not knowing their throw comes from the heart
Self-projected cork they suffer from to then bark

Unknowingly casting dispersions they believe to be true to you
When in fact, all they spit lies within their truth

So we must not fret for what we hear
All that triggers should not be feared

Yet it seems so easy to adhere to this advice
But it’s even easier to believe their lies
So work hard to know that you’re worth more than oddities abound
Though difficulty will trouble when it knows you’re light will be found

Now I ask, a question to be held with dear might
Isn’t it odd… that it’s the word we throw on uneasy grounds in spite?
That it’s the word we throw yet never caught?
Playing for conceit under uneven facades?
I believe that quite odd… playing God

Thomas-Matthew Elijah Shands, 23, is an African-American singer-songwriter, musician, poet, and philosopher. Having pursued music at 6 years old, Thomas-Matthew accompanied his ambition with writing lyrics, poetry, and philosophy. The young artist went to the University of Central Florida, BFA Vocal Performance, and has recently been published as a writer in “The Lumiere Review” and “ILLUMINATION/ILLUMINATION-Curated” on Medium. Each poem you read in this document echoes the epiphanies and spiritual revelations I’ve experience in saving my life through listening forward, intuitively, and embracing the nature of my being; rather than the expectations of those around me.