Ken Olson

Up Periscope

Not everyone agreed on how to navigate the sixties. Billy, a ‘hippie-type’ on our asphalt crew, drove a 1947, red-and-white milk truck to work. That seemed to needle our foreman, Bob, who enjoyed resting his boot on Billy’s bumper when he had a bone to pick with him, making sure that hot chunks of asphalt stuck to Billy’s truck.

Whenever his pickup was in the repair shop, Bob drove his wife’s caddie to work. On one such occasion, a large decal ended up on the caddy’s door.

“Why paste a Yellow Submarine sticker on a pink car?” Bob asked, confused.

Ken Olson lives in the Pacific Northwest. His haiku poetry has been selected for the ‘Red Moon Anthology’ four times, the 2019 Special Issue of ‘Right Hand Pointing,’ and featured in Ion Codrescu’s new book, ‘The Wanderer Brush.’ In 2019 Ken published stories in Crack the Spine, Sky Island Journal, and Silver Needle Press. In 2020 the inaugural edition of the Centifictionist, Wild Roof Journal, and The Closed Eye Open.