Amanda Shaw

Desolation’s Resolve

Humorous in retrospect,
The most hollow way.
The bricks, the mortar
But not a cage,
A foundation.
And the strings are fraying,
The tethers are swaying,
And we are all just lost
In the wind.
But I am learning to climb
It all still hurts,
Though not as much,
And the ground beneath my feet
I feel.
It is still dark,
But the dark is mine,
And I will fight
And kick and swing.
The path I will walk alone
And carve its depths into the earth,
And I will always,
Walk on.

Amanda Shaw is a new writer from St. Louis, MO. She is finishing a degree in Chemistry at the University of Kentucky where she also leads a nonprofit group in efforts to alleviate loneliness and provide assistance for the older generation. She will be attending medical school next year.