Issue 2 Volume 1

Short Story

Kit Jenkin

All Girls
Kate Leffner

Visitation at Nine
Bobby Mathews

The Oil-Slick Rainbow
T.w. Moran

Judy Shneier

Yelling People
Isabelle Stillman

$3 Pastrami On Rye
Christine Sloan Stoddard

Eye Color
Sara Sutton

D. Evan van Hook

Flash Fiction

Seduction, Deconstructed
Amy Impellizzeri

A Whistling Gopher
David Todd McCarty

Up Periscope
Ken Olson

Nalini’s Daughter
Supriya Lopez Pillai

The Barn
Kevin Reigle

Kyle Seibel


Return of the Shadow
Corey Mesler

Vinicius Miranda

Autumn Correpondence
Lorrie Ness

Home Was
Sara Primo

Boy of All Skies
Jeremy Pulmano

The Tide
Oliver C. Seneca

Isn’t It Odd?
Thomas-Matthew Elijah Shands

Desolation’s Resolve
Amanda Shaw

Henry Smith

The Thing We Don’t Talk About is Given a Name: Survival
Jocelyn Ulevicus

Dylan Webster

Even If
Kris Whorton

Prose Poetry

Festivals of Life
Anita Nahal


A Beginning Before
Seth Tyler Black

Seals in Winter
Michael Cannistraci

The Smoke from Salem
Micaela Edelson

It’s Back: the McRib
Anthony Emerson

Pandemic Prophecies, Lessons, and Anything Else In-between
Liz Grier

The Circle of Zero
Laura Iodice

From Blue Hair to the Blue Line: Becoming an Urban Character
Jen LiMarzi

Dowry to Life
Monica L. Woo