Issue 19

Short Story

It Happened in Texas
Larry Burns

On Mute
K.G. Frempah

Lyndon Nicholas

The Rowboat
David Waters

Flash Fiction

Channeling My Pain Out of Big Red’s Bad Toe
Margo Griffin

Sadie Lee
Derek Alan Jones

The Blizzard
David Kesmodel


Julie Benesh

Pork Chops
Mathieu Cailler

Public Pool v. Being Thirteen
Emmie Christie

Philip Coleman

Some cleansing lashes
Oladejo Abdullah Feranmi

Winter Bones
Lori Heninger

Meme Machine
Bob King

I have somehow lost spring
Victoria Nordlund

The Atlantic Ocean
John Tustin

prayer & alchemy
jamilla vandyke-bailey

Prose Poetry

On Silo Hill
Lynda Gene Rymond


Pictures At An Exhibition: Etude For World War III
Robert Brewer

Flash Nonfiction

Building Kitchens
Divya Alamuri

Surfing Light
Ervin Brown

Throwaway Pals
Lane Pybas

Too Ugly For a Dog to Eat: A Cento Fairy Tale
Sage Tyrtle

Pretty Pain
Kyla Wilson