Kate MacDonald


We have an 18 crt. gold connection
You are the diode to my capacitor.
All that flows through me is collected,
in you. My love, you are all I adore.

We, together, generate a powerhouse
Like a beacon, we light up the skies
Our relationship, one with the other
Out spins twenty wind turbines combined.

We are throwbacks, designed pre-WWW.
Quirky, the Mary Quant mini of our time.
Who knows how we remained mainstream,
still, we gleam and glisten, a fantasy sublime .

Kate MacDonald is a retired septuagenarian who started to write just over two years ago. Kate entered lockdown and the world of words simultaneously. She has many hobbies, but writing helps to fill an insomniac’s dark quiet hours. She has had poems and short stories published, online and in print: Chris Fielden’s “Nonsensically Challenged,” for charity. High Shelf Press volume XXIII. WinglessDreamer. Spillwords Press. 805 Lit and Art. Funny Pearls. Little Old Lady Comedy. Dillydoun Review. The World of Myth Magazine.