Benne van der Velde

I wish we were a little cat

I wish we were a little cat
we’d share fur, lick one itch
head to heads to show we care
howl up hair from our tail

I wish we were a little cat
I would purr all day for you
dull our nails because I could
one belly full of flower bed

Benne van der Velde (1974) is a Dutch poet. Rewriting his verses in English somehow feels like the next logical step in his career, a way to open up to the world at large. Which is both exhilarating and terrifying. In everyday (some claim real) life he worked as an industrial tank cleaner, in pest control, on a garbage truck, as a sailor, and a bartender. At the moment of publishing, ‘I wish we were a little cat…’ in The Dillydoun Review he’s employed at a chemical waste disposal facility. He has a wife, a cat, slight anxiety issues and likes to read every sci-fi and fantasy classic he can find. Find out more here: