Jane Muschenetz

Second-Best (NOW! YOU!)

Everyone says
They should have bought Bitcoin 10 yrs ago
Now, we are all planting trees in the second-best time.
Can’t save it, you know, like an outfit,
Wearing your second-best as a down payment on a future happening…
Nothing’s ‘in-person’ anymore anyway –
All the inspirational posters that used to prop up office walls with questions
                    (IF NOT NOW, WHEN?)
Have moved online
                    (IF NOT YOU, WHO?)
Though, really, when were they even ‘remotely working’?
Instagram, Twitter, Twitch, TikTok - it doesn’t stand still
Every minute, every second –
Our best

Emerging writer and fully grown MIT nerd, Jane (Yevgenia!) Muschenetz, was granted asylum in the US as a Jewish refugee from Ukraine at 10yrs old. She is now mother to two very American kids. Creator of PalmFrondZoo.com, Jane’s work also appears or is forthcoming in The San Diego Poetry Annual, The Decadent Review, Meat for Tea, MER VOX, Uppagus, Writers Resist, and elsewhere.