Issue 13

Cover Art By: Édouard Bénédictus

Short Story

Hopelessly Queenless
Elizabeth Banicki

Tim Conley

Instructions for Putting Up
the Xmas Lights

Neil Connelly

Linda S. Gunther


Florida Water
Amy Bowers

The Measured Echo
Jason M. Thornberry

Flash Nonfiction

Going Home
Vibha Akkaraju

What Do You Owe Him?
Eve Chilali

Walking in the Right Shoes
Chen Du


Remembering the Sabbath
Julie Benesh

Pulling Turnips
James Miller

Second-Best (NOW! YOU!)
Jane Muschenetz

Criminal Minds
Themo H Peel

Benjamin Rose

Seeing Red
Stephanie Trenchard

Heart Beat
John Tustin

Prose Poetry

What Was It?
Matthew J. Andrews

Dream Blizzard
Shome Dasgupta

The Compass of Vienna
Zane Rougier Perdue

it’s easy to forget the good when there’s
just so little of it: a fragment

Siarra Riehl