Zakiyyah Dzukogi

Poems, Dates and You

my brother may return home
and not find me.
we should collect more rounds of date
and give God a new name
everything that seemed thick
with the lime on my head
is in a sand dune.
they have cried a day before.
sit when my feet gets cold
and knock when my aunties
are worried that I might die.
say we skipped our drugs
and never read through the book of God.
say I’m not a poet enough.
y’all hurry up and die
i want to see God while hungry
and show Him the poetry I have.
see You soon and the poetry
that You write.

Zakiyyah Dzukogi has her works published in Upwrite Nigeria, Artmosterrific chapbook, the Nigeria Review, INNSAEI Journal, Konya Shamsrumi, Literature Voices, Book o clock, Corona Blues, Poetry Tuesday, Heartlinks Magazine, Paradise on Earth International Anthology vol I and II, Of Shadows and Rainbow anthology, Melbourne Culture Corner, Olney Magazine, Sledgehammer, The Beatnik Cowboy, Warp 10 lit, Kalahari review, Ninshar Arts, Ghost City Review, cafeaulait mag, rigorous, spillwords, mixed mag, poemify and others.