Benjamin Norman Pierce


what was supposed to happen here
is that a hint or is that an honest question
was supposed to happen in a space set apart
was supposed to open space to happen
was supposed to ready empty for passing through
was supposed to let something pop up into the open
was supposed to be where something stopped
are you goading me with silence or are you just admitting empty?

Benjamin Norman Pierce is a professional dishwasher with BA’s in Philosophy, History, and English. He self-published a novel, “Snuck Past Death and Sleep.” and has two albums available on Spotify. He has/will had/have graphics and poetry in Ancient Heart, Convergence, Moebius and upcoming in Aji, Lilliput Review, Poesy, Dragonfly, Raintown Review, Red Owl, Scifaikuest, Free Verse, Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets Calendar, Primordial Traditions, Convergences, Acme: a Journal of Critical Geography, Journal of the Western Mystery Tradition, Chiron Review, Euphony, Alchemy, Poetica Review, The Bees Are Dead, Portland Metrozine, Innumerable Stumble, Fly In The Head, Dreich, and Word For Word.