Kendra Preston Leonard

Letters in the Green

No sentimentality this season,
no happy cold birds, no hunting the wren.
The house is sold, the paperwork done,
the papers of childhood gone: bad poems, recycled,
bad drawings, crumpled with the mock-horror
of adults looking back.
And if the wind collected them all again,
and the tidy nest-maker entwined them together,
and lodged them in the tree
we had watched grow, that now belonged to a stranger,
what would we read in that?

Kendra Preston Leonard is a poet, lyricist, and librettist whose work is inspired by the local, historical, and mythopoeic. Her chapbook Making Mythology was published in 2020 by Louisiana Literature Press, and her work has appeared in vox poetica, lunch, The Waggle, and Lily Poetry Review, among other venues. Her novella-in-verse Protectress, about the gorgons in the modern world, is forthcoming from Unsolicited Press in 2022. Leonard collaborates regularly with composers on new operas and songs. Follow her on Twitter at @K_Leonard_PhD or visit her site at Kendra Preston Leonard.