Emily Chen

The Infrangible and Frangible

 Capital Green Feast
 Round paralyzed buds
 Each swallowed instinctively an ice cube.
 Unripe spring 
 With crystalline leafy edges
 And their numb necks snapped
 From stalks and serve as
 Foot pedestals for little cabbage-heads.
 The penalties of disharmony are 
 Assembled like guilty lumps--
 A cemented jumble--No matter! 
 Break the frozen chains inside 
 Their mugshot sealed pouch    
 Facedown onto white conductive porcelain.
 A short walk of relegation onto the 
 Final glass block--a turntable; 
 Shut the portent door; Press 5-3-0 and ‘Start’!
 View expectantly through the impenetrable-tempered window;
 A hum of fateful rays bouncing, dancing, 
 Permeating consciences spinning inside.
 A long sighing snip and release of pented wisps,
 Lifting the weight; Survey the upended display--
 A bowl of reckoning
 Like decapitated delectables. 
 Bitter yet the treat
 With every dashed-salt and
 Dabs-of-righteous noshing. 
 The Fragility of Goodness
 Unequal love in a father’s controlling clasp 
 like duplicitous parental shackles cinched 
 Around facsimile ankles conscripted under Obedience.
 The compliant younger conceded allegiance 
 which protects as for preferred prized culled cattle
 while callous to rightful sibling seniority and disharmony.
 The autonomous elder dissented to paternal commands about Conformity 
 producing natural puerile protest--even cows prefer jazz--the
             imposed collective recreation deemed a constrictive bore.
 Perceived as contempt and disrespect
 Provoking a silent venomous visage--
 Father unleashes intolerance to first-born defiance,
 crushes childish courage;
 the mere intimidating glance as surging thunder signals 
 imminent violent reprimands.
 Fraught with implicated treachery, 
 Dejected from exercising opinion,
 Denied of flair and genius of precocious endownment,
 Frowning feeble shoulders deflate in defeat, evincing the 
 Sucking away of raw enthusiasm as from his meager figure.
 The elder’s scurrying tootsies flee from his offensive rebellion;
             Distressed and tortured like a repelled calf; not even the
 Intervention of the father’s elder sibling can unburden the yoke 
 of a nephew’s yearning of fatherly approval.
 The unintended consequences of cruelly displayed displeasure
 devastates as inflicting strife that deprives promise from purity;
 the fragility of tender goodness unvalued and bullied into obsolescence. 

Emily Chen is an endeavoring emerging writer pursuing writing late in her career under various pen names while on adventures abroad.