Issue 1

Cover Art By: Ohara Koson

Short Story

Une Recette de Ratatouille
Noémie Boucher

Exit 2
Emily Cogburn

Old Talk
Marco Etheridge

The Widow Chapman
Jennifer Giacalone

Memory Mobile
W. David Hancock

Faking It
Megan D. Henson

The Night of the Sparrow
Talbot Hook

The Man from Morning Mountain
Robert Kinerk

The Jungle
Iain Maloney

Biyalis and Salsa
Judy Schneier

Waiting for Something
Wendy Shaia

La Jolla
Alan Swyer

Flash Fiction

Victoria Gemmell

Wall and Fences and Wrought Iron
Sarah Mitchell-Jackson

Valley Mission Blues
Kacie Prologo

Hot Off the Press
Sheree Shatsky

Una Corda
Leslie Tate


Why Worry When You Don’t Need to Go Anywhere
Ace Boggess

The Infrangible and Frangible
Emily Chen

On This Night
Louis Faber

My Grandmother’s South
Gina Ferrara

Played Out
Steve Gerson

Variations on a Theme by Robert Frost
Jeffrey Hampton

Letters in the Green
Kendra Leonard

All Souls Day
John F. McMullen

And I Did Eat
Jessica Mehta

New Year
Julia Ponder

Vacuum Tubes
Paul Pruitt

The Three Stages of Nerja
Cian Jordan Quinn


François Bereaud

Journey through the Age of Reason
C. Rommial Butler

Good Enough
Sarah Feldman

Cottonmouths and Cypress Knees
Summer Hammond

Belated Regret
Pam Munter

The Spirit of Change: Horror and Female Morality in Thailand
Aditi Ramaswamy

Ayla Samli