Flash Fiction


A Prose Poem by Anne R. Gibbons Were they desirable because they were forbidden? Had they beenfreely offered would we have turned away with a shrug? No thanks.We’ll use the ones from the kitchen. For a certainty the others—in bedroom, kitchen, study; the ones wecould use without fear of reprisal—they held no allure. The forbiddenpair […]


A Flash Fiction by Kate MacDonald Is there a place somewhere for me, a cosy cave, complete with soft furnishings and WiFI? There are deadlines to meet. I also need quiet to concentrate. Unfortunately, at this moment, every nerve ending in my body is vibrating. The cacophony made by my three children echoes through my […]

Senior Year

A Flash Fiction by Jeff Harvey With his toothy smile and black hair, Robbie reminded me of Donny Osmond. On Labor Day weekend his mom found him in a shed with their preacher and kicked him out, but she continued attending the same church. My mom let him stay with us until graduation. He slept […]


A Flash Fiction by Ben Wrixon Relationships are like milk.  My friend told me before my first date with Her. We were drinking at the bar as part of our regular pre-game routine. I fell asleep confused after stumbling home, but woke up feeling stupid. Generations of dysfunctional men have passed down that metaphor to […]

The Reading

A Flash Fiction by Kristen DiLandro “All of this time you have been living your life like a Taurus.” Rita, the astrologer shook her head at me from the 12 x 10-inch rectangle that connected to the keyboard resting on my lap. I first noticed her shiny, light hair, then her flawless skin with her […]


A Flash Fiction by Nicholas E. Timm My arm bled. It wasn’t the only injury I had, but it was the worst. Somehow, Elroy had caught me – He’d found me after all these years of running and hiding – the chase was over and I’d lost the race. It was because I’d stopped. I’d […]

Cassidy’s Alarm

A Flash Fiction by Abby Asmuth At the sound of her third alarm – which she put across the room so she had to get up to turn it off – Cassidy Forrester finally rolled out of bed. Groggily, she trudged across her bedroom and slapped the alarm off. Once the noise had stopped, a little voice […]

Dad 2.0

A Flash Fiction by Julie Benesh Publish or perish. Last year, quarantining, should have been the perfect time to work on my research and avoid the fate of the Permanent Visitor. But working at home during quarantine, I got so anxious and distracted, everything blurring into mush. Sometimes you have to …get away. Business people […]

Early Summer

A Flash Fiction by Ronald McGuire I looked up from my book, then looked again after a pause, and that’s when I saw him walking down the sidewalk. I turned back to my book, hiding shame from some unknown witness. Yes, I felt ashamed to want him. But it was more than that. I felt […]

My Notes and Hers

A Flash Fiction by Logan Cox I’m enraptured the precise moment your fingers first touch the keys. It’s happened every time I’ve come into this place to write and focus, but I can’t seem to do either when you begin to play that infernal piano, so it’s really just two hours of pretending not to […]

Altezza mezza bellezza

A Flash Fiction by Chiara Vascotto “So, this boyfriend of yours…is he tall? Because…”. “I know, grandad, altezza mezza bellezza”. ‘Height is beauty’ is one of grandad’s quirky mantras. He insists it’s a proverb, but I only ever heard it from him. A year later, and I am at his funeral. He never got to […]

Crotch Rocket 3

A Flash Fiction by Olag Motobuchi “Uh, ‘scuse me. Mr. Donkey-Dick?” Tony blurts, “the giant cock section’s back here.” He grins. His voice blows a melody into Darrel’s ears, even beyond the choir of moaning TVs. Darrel jolts his head around. “T-Tony?” “Ohhhh! Look who actually remembers me.” Darrel raises his voice. “Wow. Tony? Quinones? […]


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