Flash Fiction

Dad 2.0

A Flash Fiction by Julie Benesh Publish or perish. Last year, quarantining, should have been the perfect time to work on my research and avoid the fate of the Permanent Visitor. But working at home during quarantine, I got so anxious and distracted, everything blurring into mush. Sometimes you have to …get away. Business people […]

Early Summer

A Flash Fiction by Ronald McGuire I looked up from my book, then looked again after a pause, and that’s when I saw him walking down the sidewalk. I turned back to my book, hiding shame from some unknown witness. Yes, I felt ashamed to want him. But it was more than that. I felt […]

My Notes and Hers

A Flash Fiction by Logan Cox I’m enraptured the precise moment your fingers first touch the keys. It’s happened every time I’ve come into this place to write and focus, but I can’t seem to do either when you begin to play that infernal piano, so it’s really just two hours of pretending not to […]

Altezza mezza bellezza

A Flash Fiction by Chiara Vascotto “So, this boyfriend of yours…is he tall? Because…”. “I know, grandad, altezza mezza bellezza”. ‘Height is beauty’ is one of grandad’s quirky mantras. He insists it’s a proverb, but I only ever heard it from him. A year later, and I am at his funeral. He never got to […]

Crotch Rocket 3

A Flash Fiction by Olag Motobuchi “Uh, ‘scuse me. Mr. Donkey-Dick?” Tony blurts, “the giant cock section’s back here.” He grins. His voice blows a melody into Darrel’s ears, even beyond the choir of moaning TVs. Darrel jolts his head around. “T-Tony?” “Ohhhh! Look who actually remembers me.” Darrel raises his voice. “Wow. Tony? Quinones? […]

Noveldog’s Castle

A Flash Fiction by Ken Olson The sky is flat this morning and words won’t fall out. No words for a poem, no words for a story; mundane, domestic words or stirring, cosmopolitan words for Joe’s daring exploits far from his home. It makes no difference once the sky loses its verve. So, Joe summons […]

the window chilled my tiny fingertips

A Flash Fiction by Matt Petras In my grey sweatpants and navy blue sweatshirt, I climbed onto the armchair, placed my little hands on the top of the velvet chair and gazed out the window at the lights. I saw streetlights, houses aglow with yellows and blues through their windows, cars beaming light at the […]

And Again

A Flash Fiction by Rachel Johanna Darroch The chair creaks under her weight in a shriek of metal and quarrelsome springs. Wheels whirl across the floor, clicking over the divots in the warped floorboards as she takes her place before the computer screen in grave repose. Hesitance tightens her shoulders to her ears like corkscrews. […]

Slim Pickings

A Flash Fiction by Pamela R Winnick Marla parked between the yellow lines and slid out of her Jetta, the April breeze teasing her long blond hair. She wore a leather jacket and tight-fitting leggings that revealed skinny, well-toned thighs. When she spotted Art’s Jeep, she waved at him, smiling.  He stepped out, his belly […]

Urban Legend

A Flash Fiction by Aditi Ramaswamy So my car breaks down a lot… I really should replace it––but somehow, I can’t bring myself to. Fine, I’ll say it: I’m fond of the damn piece of junk. I think people nowadays are far too focused on their destinations that they don’t take time off to enjoy […]

On the Line

A Flash Fiction by Kevin Reigle Johnny Rutledge flipped open the lunch pail as he straddled his usual bench.  His legs kicked out at each side like a jockey waiting at the starting gate. He rummaged through the lunch pail for his sandwich. Johnny grimaced at the loud clanging that pulsed through the walls and […]


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