Trained Her Well

A Short Story by Philip Goldberg Another night, and once again the Runner hugged the building walls, still damp from the rain that had stopped falling not long ago. The scrawled messages and spray-painted symbols glistened on the wet concrete. Water drops dripped from the barbed wire wrapped around every mailbox. She passed it all […]

The Conversion of Jamison Jefferies

A Short Story by Melinda Keathley Back in the day… The members of Holy Evangelical Trinity Church of Titan, Tennessee, first noticed the shift in Jamison Jefferies during the time of Welcome that Sunday morning. Typically, congregants used this time to exchange pleasantries with those brothers and sisters in Christ sitting nearest to them and […]

The Secret Agenda

Fiction by Michael Washburn A couple of months into our campaign to make Julian Assange the next prime minister, something entirely unexpected happened. “Hey Pete, what trouble are we in now?” said my colleague Devin, gazing through a window near the front of our makeshift headquarters. “Come again, Devin?” “Take a look outside, mate.” I […]