On the Shores of the St. Lawrence

An Essay by Chad W. Lutz Two falls ago, I decided what the hell and attempted a rim-to-rim-to-rim crossing of the Grand Canyon in Arizona. Just writing it out makes my right knee hurt, which is exactly what happened. But the knee is fine now, and the IPAs I’ve imbibed have more than neutralized any […]

New Statistic

An Essay by Ashley Cooper TRIGGER WARNING: The following essay contains an account of sexual assault, rape, and the aftermath which readers may find distressing. I sling my head to the edge of the toilet. My knees hit the carpet, unable to avoid the burn of another encounter with him. I have washed my sheets […]

The Fall

An Essay by Patti White THE EMERALD ZOYSIA was like a Persian carpet, so thick it concealed ant hills, the water meter, the slightly depressed grid of the sprinkler system. I walked quickly across the lawn, on my way to teach a class, my bookbag in one hand, and caught my foot in a hole […]