Jeffrey Hampton

Jeffrey Hampton has been a pianist most of his life and is described as passionate and driven about classical music.  He started playing when he was eight years old always received high marks in local music competitions.  He was born in Evansville but would go on to study music at the Chicago College of the Performing Arts when he was 18 and would ultimately finish his bachelor’s in music performance from Indiana State University as well as receiving a certificate in Piano Pedagogy.

He has familiarity with a variety of styles from the great classical masters to pop hits and everything in between, his performances maturing as well as his work as a music educator.  In recent years, Jeffrey has branched out and is one of the founders of the Six Pack and a Song.  Here he has been part of several podcasts on music and movies as well as an audio drama interpretation of Alexander Pushkin’s tragedy, Mozart and Salieri, where he played the music of Mozart as well as the part of Salieri.

Currently, Jeffrey Hampton is living in Evansville, Indiana with his wife – continuing to hone his craft as a musician as well as teaching privately out of his home studio. He has become an emerging author with several of his poems getting published this past year.

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