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Kate MacDonald is a retired septuagenarian insomniac. She dabbles in buying junk and selling “Antiques” online, but writing has become her quiet passion. So suitable to help fill the still dark hours. Kate has only returned to writing in the past year or so. Kate has had five poems published in Stardust Review. She has also had two short stories published, one in Stardust Review, the other in Nonsensically Challenged. A poem, “Surprised” has just been published by High Shelf Press, volume XXIII. WinglessDreamer printed Dark Danger and Different Drum. A Tanka “Languid” was published by Spillwords Press.

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The Dillydoun Review

Miniature Malekpour is a current Ph.D. candidate at the Australian National University. She is currently a contributing writer for Diabolique Magazine. Twitter handle: @minamalekpour

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Iain Maloney is the author of the critically acclaimed memoir The Only Gaijin in the Village as well as three novels and a collection of poetry. He lives in Japan where he teaches writing and covers Japanese literature for the Japan Times. Find out more: and @iainmaloney  

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The Jungle
The Dillydoun Review

Marianne Mandrusiak is a writer and comedian living in Montreal, Canada. She was longlisted for the 2020 CBC Nonfiction Prize for her short story entitled Bad Kisser. Marianne is currently working on a short story collection, as well as a children’s book which introduces the concepts of environmental stewardship and the power of collective action. For details on these projects and others, follow her on Instagram under the handle @mandrusiaki. 

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Leave it Shut
The Dillydoun Review

Dominique Margolis is an emerging immigrant author whose native language is French. She learned English as a foreign language and earned a Ph.D. from the University of Denver. Her prose is published in French in Anna Evans’ Communication Intuitive – Rencontre avec le Monde Animal (ALMP, 2004) and in English in Friday Flash Fiction, The Nasiona, The Centifictionist, and The Dillydoun Review.

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The Throwaway Rocktrumpet
The Dillydoun Review

Trapper Markelz is a husband, father of four, poet, musician, and cyclist, who writes from Boston, Massachusetts. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in the journals Baltimore Review, Stillwater Review, Passengers Journal, and others. You can learn more about him at

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The Dillydoun Review

Christie Marra is a legal aid attorney who writes, dances and poles in Richmond, Virginia. Despite her diverse interests and activities, she’s frequently vexed by her inability to maintain a clean house and cook without burning something. She blames this unhealthy obsession on the Enjoli commercial that seemed to play constantly when she was growing up. Christie’s short stories have appeared in various publications, including Little DeathThe Write Launch and Pangryus.

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The Dinner Party
The Dillydoun Review

Clint Martin lives in Lexington, Kentucky, with his wife, two sons, and their yellow dog Waggie. When not writing, Clint enjoys meditating and identifying the birds visiting the backyard.

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Civilization Disappoints, Again
The Dillydoun Review

Steve Massart teaches high school and college in Vanvouver, WA. He is quite fond of his amazing wife, feral children, splitting wood, and goats.

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An Accumulation of Energy
The Dillydoun Review

Bobby Mathews is a writer and former journalist based in Birmingham, Alabama. His crime fiction has appeared in The Dark City, Close to the Bone, All Due Respect, Bristol Noir, and Shotgun Honey. His literary fiction has appeared in Southern Discoveries, The Black Warrior Review, Buzzwords, The Alabama Literary ReviewThe River, and Flash Fiction Magazine. His next stories are due out in 2021 with Yellow Mama and Gleam of the Blade. He shares space with his saintly wife, two wild sons, and a menagerie of sassy pets. 

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Visitation at Nine
The Dillydoun Review

Love Seat
The Dillydoun Review

Ewa Mazierska is a historian of film and popular music, who writes short stories in her spare time. She published over thirty of them in The Longshot Island, The Adelaide Magazine, The Fiction Pool, Literally Stories, Ragazine, BlazeVox, Red Fez, Away, The Bangalore Review, Shark Reef, and Mystery Tribune among others. In 2019 she published her first collection of short stories, Neighbours and Tourists (New York, Adelaide Books). Ewa is a Pushcart nominee and her stories were shortlisted in several competitions. She was born in Poland, but lives in Lancashire, UK.

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Aunt Melania
The Dillydoun Review

Montgomery Maxton is a poet, writer, photographer, and mixed-media artist. His fourth and fifth books will be released in 2021. He lives in New York City.   

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The Dillydoun Review

Scott Denis McCarthy is a young Irish ex-pat living in Victoria, Australia. His favourite writers are Bukowski, Dostoevsky, and Emily Brontë.

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All Things in Deep Blue
The Dillydoun Review

David Todd McCarty is a writer, director, photographer, and designer. He looks a bit like a garden gnome.

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A Whistling Gopher
The Dillydoun Review

The Dillydoun Review

Max McCoubrey is a freelance writer living in Dublin Ireland. Her background is in show business and she often draws on her experiences in her stories. Her work has been published in Qutub Minar, Pioneer Magazine, Ireland’s Own and Little Gems.

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His Familiar Fingers
The Dillydoun Review

Ronald McGuire is a novelist, poet, scriptwriter and journalist. His work has appeared in Catalyst Magazine (Athens, GA), Flash Fiction Magazine (April 2, 2021), and on Ronald holds degrees in Comparative Literature and in Journalism from the University of Georgia. In previous lives he was a bartender, bookstore owner, and inventor.

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Early Summer
The Dillydoun Review

Steven Christopher McKnight aspires to move to some city in Central Europe, write terrifying fiction in a cafe, and die mysteriously in his mid-30s. He is from Pennsylvania.

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Heat in the Hermitage
The Dillydoun Review

Mikayla McLean is a nonfiction writer and musician. She is currently working towards earning an MFA in creative writing at Chapman University, after completing her undergraduate degree in English at St. Lawrence University in upstate New York. Mikayla’s nonfiction writing is often focused on her childhood, where she explores heavy topics like poverty, sexual assault, childhood obesity, abandonment, and puberty. Her song writing explores heartbreak, love, anxiety, loss, happiness, etc. Learn more about her writing career by emailing, and see her music endeavors on Instagram @mikmclean, or on iTunes/Spotify by searching “Mikayla McLean, “What To Do”.

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The House on Sumner
The Dillydoun Review

Lindsay McLeod currently lives by the sea on the Southern edge of the world, where he trips over the offing every morning. He has started messing about with words again lately, after a few years away. You might expect him to know better by now, but oh no.

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No Quarter
The Dillydoun Review

John F. McMullen, “johnmac the bard”, is the Poet Laureate of the Town of Yorktown, NY, an adjunct professor at Westchester Community College, a graduate of Iona College, the holder of two Masters degrees from Marist College, a member of the American Academy of Poets and Poets & Writers, the author of over 2,500 columns and articles and 10 books (8 poetry), and the host of a weekly Internet Radio Show (300 shows to date).

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All Souls Day
The Dillydoun Review

Coronavirus: Travel In The Pandemic
The Dillydoun Review

Coronavirus: Zoom Withdrawal
The Dillydoun Review

Mike McQuillan, former US Senate aide and Peace Corps Volunteer, taught history, coordinated the Crown Heights Coalition and chaired the NYPD Training Advisory Council’s Race Subcommittee. He writes for Harlem World, History News Network, The Write Launch, and Mike McQuillan Unity Forum.

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The Traits of Leaves Can Teach Us
The Dillydoun Review

Jessica Mehta is a citizen of the Cherokee Nation and multi-award-winning author. Space, place, and ancestry in post-colonial America inform much of her work. Learn more at

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And I Did Eat
The Dillydoun Review

Emma Merchant was born in Washington State and has spent her life exploring the world. Many of her stories are inspired by fond memories of traveling.

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Kansas City
The Dillydoun Review

Corey Mesler has been published in numerous anthologies and journals including Poetry, Gargoyle, Five Points, Good Poems American Places, and New Stories from the South. He has published over 20 books of fiction and poetry. His newest novel, Camel’s Bastard Son, is from Cabal Books. He also wrote the screenplay for We Go On, which won The Memphis Film Prize in 2017. With his wife he runs Burke’s Book Store (est. 1875) in Memphis.

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Return of the Shadow
The Dillydoun Review

Gabby Mijalski-Fahim is a 22 years-old cat parent, queer poet and karaoke aficionado who lives, breathes and works in the somber state of Oregon. Her work is featured in Passengers Journal, Tempered Runes Press, and Cathexis Northwest Press.

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Solo Trip
The Dillydoun Review

Cindy Milwe is a writer who lives in Venice, CA. Her work has been published in many journals, including Alaska Quarterly Review, Poetry East, Poet Lore, and The Georgetown Review, among others. She also has poems in two anthologies: Another City: Writing from Los Angeles (City Lights, 2001) and Changing Harm to Harmony: The Bullies and Bystanders Project (Marin Poetry Center Press, 2015). Her poem “Legacy” was selected as the First Place Winner of the Martha’s Vineyard Institute of Creative Writing’s Parent/Writer Fellowship, and another poem “Hunger,” was chosen as First Prize Winner for the Myra Shapiro Poetry Contest.

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Paris at 20
The Dillydoun Review

Vinicius Miranda is a Brazilian-born French-Canadian, who currently writes out of South Florida. He is a beachcomber living in exile, deep within the bowels of his own room. He keeps tin cans and the shiniest seashells just to the right of the desk where he does most of his typing. He talks bedsheets into cleaning up their own act and can read a broken Fender amplifier’s mind. Vinicius is also a Miami Dade College graduate with an AA degree in the field of architectural engineering and his written work has been previously published in a Crack the Spine anthology.

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The Dillydoun Review

Sarah Mitchell-Jackson loves words and uses them copiously. Her work has been published in The Critical Pass Review, Conium Review, Gravel Magazine, Firefly Magazine, Atomic Flyswatter, Really System, and the No Extra Words podcast. Last month, she won the Channillo Short Story Prize. Her novel – Ashes – was published by Lorelei Press in 2017. Follow her on Twitter: @smitchjack

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Wall and Fences and Wrought Iron
The Dillydoun Review

Germán Mora is a native of Bogotá, Colombia.  He is the author of over thirty scientific articles and has a PhD in biogeochemistry.  He lives in Baltimore, where he serves on the faculty of Goucher College, teaching students to be better stewards of the natural environment and takes creative writing classes with some of his own students.

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Jesus and the White Knights
The Dillydoun Review

T.w. Moran (@tdubwrites) hails from Humboldt, Illinois. Many moons ago, he studied creative writing at Lake Forest College and eventually earned an MA in English from Western Illinois University. After a pandemic-shortened but decorated tenure as a writing director at Beijing Language and Culture University, Moran now resides in Riga (Latvia) with his wife, a primary school teacher. In addition to The Dillydoun Review, his works have featured in The World of Chinese magazine and are appearing in Emerge Literary Journal. A first novel in progress, Moran spends his days making the best of perpetual lockdown by putting pen to paper.

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The Oil-Slick Rainbow
The Dillydoun Review

Bruce Morton splits his time between Montana and Arizona. His poems have recently appeared in San Pedro River Review, Muddy River Poetry Review, Main Street Rag, Loch Raven Review, Ibbetson Street, and Sin Fronteras/Writers Without Border. He was formerly Dean of Libraries at Montana State University.

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Rabbit Hole
The Dillydoun Review

Olag Motobuchi is an emerging writer exploring identity, trauma, and queerness. In the storms of 2020, they began publishing their work. Find more of their flash fiction in Typishly and Button Eye Review.

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Crotch Rocket 3
The Dillydoun Review

Pam Munter has authored several books including When Teens Were Keen: Freddie Stewart and The Teen Agers of Monogram, Almost Famous, and As Alone As I Want To Be. She’s a former clinical psychologist, performer, and film historian. Her play, “Life Without” was nominated for Outstanding Original Writing by the Desert Theatre League and she has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize. Pam has an MFA in Creative Writing and Writing for the Performing Arts. Fading Fame: Women of a Certain Age in Hollywood is scheduled for publication in early 2021.

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Belated Regret
The Dillydoun Review

Anita Nahal is an Indian-American-diasporic poet, flash fictionist, children’s writer and columnist. Anita Nahal has two books of poetry, one book of flash fictions, four for children and three edited anthologies to her credit. Her third book of poetry, What’s wrong with us Kali women? is due for release by Kelsay Books in August 2021. Two of her books are prescribed in a course on multiculturalism and immigration at the University of the Utrecht, The Netherlands. She teaches at the University of the District of Columbia, Washington DC. More on her at:  Anita Nahal

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Festivals of Life
The Dillydoun Review

The Trojan Horse
The Dillydoun Review

Susie Isabella is a sixteen-year-old writer who attends school in Manhattan. She enjoys participating in debates and studying philology. Susie likes to write poetry about her family, her identity, and music.

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A Ballad of Sunken Eyes
The Dillydoun Review

Taylor Nam is an optimist and a doer. She has been previously published in Passengers Journal. In 2017, she graduated from the University of San Francisco MFA program. In addition to writing short stories, Taylor spends all her free time outside with her small dog named Leo.

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today, we have it.
The Dillydoun Review

Hailey Neal is a writer and teacher of writers who, in the most aggressive snowbird campaign in human history, splits her time between Beijing and Vermont. She has her bachelor’s in professional writing and her master’s in education. Her work has appeared in or is forthcoming in From Whispers to Roars, The Closed Eye Open, Ember Chasm Review, The Finger Literary Journal, Tempered Runes Press, and the Beautiful Cadaver Soundcloud project. Alarmingly, she had to look up whether to capitalize “professional writing” for this bio. If you find any other typos in here, this is a test.

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Lorrie Ness is a poet working in Virginia. Her work can be found at Palette Poetry, THRUSH Poetry Journal, Typishly and various other journals. She was twice nominated for a Best of the Net Award by Sky Island Journal and she was a featured poet at Turtle Island Quarterly in 2021. Her chapbook Anatomy of a Wound is being published by Flowstone Press in July of 2021.

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Autumn Correspondence
The Dillydoun Review

Packing for the Beach
The Dillydoun Review

James B. Nicola is the author of five collections of poetry: Manhattan Plaza (2014), Stage to Page: Poems from the Theater (2016), Wind in the Cave (2017), Out of Nothing: Poems of Art and Artists (2018), and Quickening: Poems from Before and Beyond (2019). His decades of working in the theater as a stage director, composer, lyricist, playwright, and acting teacher culminated in the nonfiction book Playing the Audience: The Practical Guide to Live Performance, which won a Choice award. A Yale grad, he hosts the Hell’s Kitchen International Writers’ Roundtable at his library branch in Manhattan: walk-ins welcome.

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End-of-Day Discussion
The Dillydoun Review

Mike Nolan lives in the small town of Port Angeles, WA, where the mountains meet the sea, and has a web presence at He climbed Mount Rainier with his daughter Madeline.

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Our Beautiful Tahoma
The Dillydoun Review

Chinedu Nzere is a lone writer from the broken streets of Lagos where he picks words off sidewalks and people’s lives. He is pursuing his first degree in Accounting at the National Open University, hoping he doesn’t fill poetry into Balance Sheets. His work has been published in Prose and Poetry Hood Valentine Poetry Competition, Writers Space Africa Magazine where he won the Editor’s Choice, The Dillydoun Review… His works have also appeared or are forthcoming in Virginia Quarterly Review, Origami Poems Project, The Offing, POETRY Magazine, and elsewhere.

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The Dillydoun Review