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Loredano Cafaro lives in the hills of Turin, Italy, with his wife and two children. He is basically a man of few words.

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The Lighthouse Keeper
The Dillydoun Review

After a career in antiquarian books, N.M. Campbell expatriated from America. The author lives in an old house with a handful of antiques, a tiny kitchen, thousands of books, and a giant Maine Coon who permits people to live there.

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The Hill We Climb
The Dillydoun Review

Michael Cannistraci began his creative journey as an actor. Having graduated from UCLA, he worked for thirty years acting in theatre and television. In mid-life he answered a new calling and completed a Master’s degree at Hunter College School of Social Work. He currently works as a clinical social worker and psychotherapist. His essays have been published in Entropy Magazine, Literary Medical Messenger, and Evening Street Review. He lives with his wife and muse in New York City.

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Seals in Winter
The Dillydoun Review

Jacinta M. Carter is a high school English teacher, but all of her time outside the classroom is spent reading everything she can get her hands on. This love of reading has made its way into her writing over the years, allowing her to branch out and attempt stories and poems in almost every genre. She has published work in Lines: From the Middle of Nowhere, Dream Noir, and Madness Heart Press‘s Trigger Warning: Body Horror anthology.

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The Dillydoun Review

Sandra Castiço is a Portuguese writer with a background in film. Her documentary, “Rockumentário,  was broadcast on national TV, in Portugal.

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Divorce in Seabirds
The Dillydoun Review

A Pushcart Prize nominee, R.T. Castleberry is an internationally published poet and critic. He was a co-founder of the Flying Dutchman Writers Troupe, co-editor/publisher of the poetry magazine Curbside Review, an assistant editor for Lily Poetry Review and Ardent. His work has appeared in The AlembicBlue Collar ReviewMisfitRoanoke ReviewPacific ReviewWhite Wall ReviewSilk Road, and Trajectory. Internationally, he’s had poetry published in Canada, Great Britain, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, New Zealand, Portugal. the Philippines and Antarctica. He lives and writes in Houston, Texas.

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Emily Castles is an MA English Literature graduate, having completed degrees at the University of Manchester and Durham University. She is a Brummie with a taste for metal music and the macabre.  

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Shared Endorphins
The Dillydoun Review

Carmen Catena is a writer, teacher, and TCK currently living in Colorado with her family. She is working on her first novel, an excerpt of which won the 2020 Colorado Gold Rush Literary Awards. Find her online at and on Twitter @carmcatena

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Logical Heart
The Dillydoun Review

Greg Charpentier is a Father, Veteran, Author, and Therapist. Find him on Instagram @greg5463.

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Naturally Unnatural
The Dillydoun Review

Emily Chen is an endeavoring emerging writer pursuing writing late in her career under various pen names while on adventures abroad.

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The Infrangible and Frangible
The Dillydoun Review

Eve Chilali is a writer living in New Jersey. Eve is most at home when she is in nature, unless it involves an assignment.

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My Sand Circle of Words
The Dillydoun Review

this film is not being shown
The Dillydoun Review

This is Margot Chisholm’s first publication. She has spent some time writing at a 2-month long artist residency called the Sable Project, located in rural Vermont. She comes from Providence, Rhode Island, but has gone to school in Vermont for some time now. In addition to writing, she loves to bake bread, be with animals, and lose herself in her vivid dreamscape.

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Ravichandra P. Chittampalli was formerly Professor and Chair of the Department of Studies in English, University of Mysore, India. He was the Northrop Frye Fellow, Victoria University in the University of Toronto, Shastri Fellow at University of Western Ontario and K. Tirumalachar Fellow, Dhvanyaloka, Mysore. He was formerly the President of the Indian Association for Canadian Studies, and a Director of International Council for Canadian Studies, Ottawa, Canada. His poems have been published in India and internationally by The Sunday Mail, Lakeview, Otherwise Engaged, Aurora and Blossoms, and Aloe. He now lives in Malaysia practising poetry in English.

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The Dillydoun Review

Elizabeth Chung is currently a sophomore at UC Berkeley majoring in English and Media Studies, as well as pursuing a minor in Art History. She has won the 2016 Bow Seat Ocean Awareness Poetry Contest, 2 Silver Keys from the Scholastic Writing Awards in 2019, and been published in Whispers to Roars, a small literary magazine. As of today, she moves between San Francisco and New York.

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And the Cowbell Rings
The Dillydoun Review

Emily Beck Cogburn is the author of Louisiana Saves the Library and Ava’s Place. Her short story “Going Down South” received honorable mention in the New Orleans Words and Music Contest and her fiction has recently appeared in Marathon and Miracle Monocle.

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Exit 2
The Dillydoun Review

Born in Montreal and raised in Boston, Rob Colby attended Oberlin and the Courtauld where he studied many things except how to write well. A few years back, he had an awkward break-up and hasn’t stopped scribbling since. Rob’s currently working on a book examining the legacy of Anglo-Saxon heritage, for which he recently received a Logan Nonfiction Fellowship. A member of the Wild Goose Creative writers’ group, Rob lives in Columbus, Ohio.

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Sidewalk Orange
The Dillydoun Review

Elijah Comas is an interdisciplinary artist and cook who is vigorously obsessed with (1) the idea of hospitality and (2) the fact that we can turn anything into a symbol if so we choose. He is a Religion major at Wesleyan University where he studies Christian origins, Islamic traditions, and Anticolonial Performance. Elijah also serves as the Artist Director of The Angry Otter Project, an artist’s collective dedicated to unfinished and underfunded works, and as the Executive Chef of Wit’s End Manor, a traveling pop-up restaurant slash secret theatrical experiment slash embodied writing practicum slash search for friends.

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Ashley Cooper is currently pursuing a double major in both creative writing (nonfiction) and musical theatre at Columbia College Chicago. She is currently working on her memoir, Rum and Coke which focuses on surviving abuse and growing up with alcoholism in the family. She hopes to reach young adults who have experienced similar situations through her work. You can find her on Instagram, @AshleyCooperWriting.

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New Statistic
The Dillydoun Review

M. Cornell is a 31-year-old poet from the Connecticut area. Formerly from New York City, M. Cornell was born in Queens and raised in the Bronx. Her poetry centers around trauma, trauma recovery, general observations of the world, her intense love of New York City, and finding the profound within the mundane.

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The Colombian in Boston
The Dillydoun Review

Logan Cox is a young writer currently living in the south of Spain. His work currently appears in the online journals Flash Fiction Magazine and Maudlin House, with forthcoming work set to appear in Beyond Words Literary Magazine. He can most often be found among his family, arguing the rules of in-home game show play.

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My Notes and Hers
The Dillydoun Review

The Isabella Rocks
The Dillydoun Review

Nathan Robert Cox lives in Knoxville, Tennessee. He is an adjunct professor of philosophy. He received his B.A. in philosophy at the University of Tennessee and both his M.A. & Ph.D. at the University of Kansas. His specialty is early modern philosophy, especially the work of David Hume, Spinoza, and Kant. He teaches at Pellissippi State Community College and Thomas Edison State University.

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The Dillydoun Review

Sara P Cullen co-runs an equestrian centre with her mother in the countryside of Ireland, spending most of her active lifestyle with her horses and many pets. Leaving not much time to pursue other hobbies. 

However, her love of books and movies plays a huge part in her life, running off to the cinema any chance she can get and staying up late at night to finish another string of books. 

Her sporty nature comes from her mother, but her father’s side comes from a family of show-people, funfair folk, and musicians who encouraged her to pursue a more creative past time. Sara had been writing stories since she was very young and has now taken creative writing courses to further her craft. 

Although she would describe herself as an avid animal lover and perceived less people friendly, her stories have a vivid and descriptive narrative of other people’s personalities and their relatable internal struggles. Showing a great interest in the people around her, usually from a witty first-person narrative.  

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Racing Away
The Dillydoun Review

Alex Dako, a Canadian writer residing in Niagara Falls, Ontario, is a former columnist for the Niagara Falls Review Editorial Board, with poetry appearing in the Night Picnic Press, Daffodils: A Poetry Chapbook, and The Stirling Spoon Literary Journal. He is a single father and enjoys spending his time listening to music, shadowboxing, or rereading the classics.

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Black Coffee
The Dillydoun Review

Rachel Johanna Darroch is a Canadian writer from Kitchener, Ontario. She is the author of several published short stories and flash fiction pieces, including At the End of Indigo, The Paradox, Light Years, Minor Key, and The Advent. She is a graduate of the University of Guelph and lives with her two cats, Archie and Edi. 

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And Again
The Dillydoun Review

Kayla Davis is a high school junior from Menlo Park, California, although she often says that she’s based “40 minutes south of San Francisco” to simplify things. When she’s not stressing about college applications, she can be found spending time with her friends and playing saxophone.

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Days at the Beach
The Dillydoun Review

Orey Wilson Dayne was born and raised in Nevada, Ohio. He earned his bachelor’s degree in English at Otterbein University. He received his MFA in Creative Writing at Rosemont College in Philadelphia. He resides in Columbus, Ohio where he hangs out in his hammock, drinks whiskey, and leads tabletop RPGs.

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A Peach Tree
The Dillydoun Review

Matt Dennis is an English teacher dreaming of becoming a professional author. When he’s not marking essays, he’s writing short stories and putting the finishing touches on a novel manuscript. Matt is a graduate of York University, earning a BA in English and History with Magna Cum Laude honors. Matt’s stories are packed with natural dialogue, vivid description, and incisive commentary about the world we inhabit.

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Breaking the Order
The Dillydoun Review

Stephanie DeCicco resides in Pennsylvania with her three cats. She enjoys writing, video games and reading. Some of her favorite authors include David Wong, Joyce Carol Oates and Neil Gaiman. Follow her on Instagram on the handle @stephwritesprose.

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Inside My Mind
The Dillydoun Review

Kevin Del Principe is a writer and film director. The son of a snowplow truck driver and a school nurse, Kevin grew up outside of Buffalo but now makes his home in Memphis. I Animal is Kevin’s debut novel, published by Tumbleweed Books. He directed and co-wrote the feature film UP ON THE GLASS, available in North America through Gravitas Ventures. Kevin earned his MFA in Writing for Screen and Television at the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts. Find out more here.

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The Deer
The Dillydoun Review

Garrett De Temple received his MFA from Manhattanville College in 2014. His work has most recently appeared or is upcoming in Crack the SpineYO-NewYorkMiracle Monocle, and Permafrost. He is a lyricist for the Brooklyn-based songwriting duo The Point (@thepointsongs) and one-half of the occasional Americana band SkyMagik (@SkyMagikBand).

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Where Are You Now?
The Dillydoun Review

Sally Brown Deskins is a writer, artist, and curator who focuses on feminist and women artists. Her writing has been published in Hyperallergic and Artslant, among others. Her artwork has been exhibited in the US and UK. She edits Les Femmes Folles, a blog supporting women in art.

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Matthew Dettmer is a physician, writer, and musician in Cleveland, OH. His work has been previously published in the Hybrid Harpy Review and in Neighborhood Voices, a literary anthology presented by Literary Cleveland.  Check out his band The Dole.

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Gold to bare
The Dillydoun Review

Robert Diamante is a writer and professional photographer based in Maine, USA. His fiction and essays have appeared in Adornment MagazineThe Waking: Ruminate MagazineNorth by Northeast: An Anthology of Writers from MaineNorth by Northeast 2 (May 2021) and The Dissident. His photography is part of the permanent collection at the University of Southern Maine and the Brown University Library. Find out more here.

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The Sandman’s Garden
The Dillydoun Review

Maria Diaz is an educational consultant living originally from Queens, New York, where she currently lives, though she has left parts of her heart in Cambridge and Palo Alto. She graduated from Mount Holyoke College, The City College of New York, and Harvard Graduate School of Education.

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Becoming Dominican York
The Dillydoun Review

Kristen DiLandro goes by Kiki; and while she feels like her life is lived primarily in the realm of the internet, her San Francisco rent reminds her she is actually sleeping under a California sky. Her most recent work was published by New Feathers Anthology. She writes a newsletter called “Aspiring to hate you less.” Kiki is working toward an MFA in Creative Writing at the Savannah College of Art and Design.

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The Reading
The Dillydoun Review

Maya Djurisic is an eighteen-year-old college freshman at Purdue University who has been writing recreationally for eight years. She lives in LaGrange, Illinois with her parents, younger sister, and dog Karmel.

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Matthew Domingos lives with his wife and family in Virginia. He writes when he can, usually at the most inconvenient times on anything he has available to him. He edits at night on an old computer after the kids go to bed.

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Pamela Donison has been a writer in one iteration or other her entire adult life. She is a former award-winning military journalist and editor, was acquisitions manager for a division of Harcourt Brace, and is currently a practicing attorney. She has published numerous non-fiction articles and three chapters in legal anthologies. Pamela is currently editing her first full-length novel, a murder mystery set in Regina, Saskatchewan.

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Happy Hour
The Dillydoun Review

Anabell Donovan (Anna Eusthacia) is a psychologist and educator dedicated to student success of minorities and under-represented individuals in higher education. She loves words and would always like to “start where language ends.”

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The Dillydoun Review

Wren Donovan (she/her) writes poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction. Her work is published in The Mark Literary Review and upcoming in Cauldron Anthology and Luna Luna Magazine.  She is also a Tarot reader and meditative dancer who tends to hide in plain sight but likes to wear things that jingle. Wren wanted to be a mermaid when she grew up, but when that didn’t work out she studied literature, Classics, folklore, and psychology at Millsaps College, Chapel Hill, and the University of Southern Mississippi.  She lives in Tennessee among many trees and can be found on Twitter @WrenDonovan.

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The Dillydoun Review

Margot Douaihy, Ph.D., is the author of Scranton Lace and the Lambda finalist Girls Like You (Clemson University Press). Her work has been featured in PBS NewsHour, North American Review, Colorado Review, The Florida Review, The South Carolina Review, The Wisconsin Review, Tahoma Literary Review, and elsewhere. She is a member of the Radius of Arab-American Writers and Creative Writing Studies Organization. Twitter: @MargotDouaihy Web:

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Queer GenXers
The Dillydoun Review

J Saler Drees was born in and has lived all over California, currently residing in San Diego. MFA was earned at Pacific University. Recent works have been published in Blue Lake Review, Hypertext, OxMag, and RavensPerch. Forthcoming work can be found in Evening Street.

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They Took Our Dogs Away
The Dillydoun Review

Brigidh Duffey lives in Brooklyn with two ill-mannered cats. She studied Anthropology and Gender Studies at Mount Holyoke College. Her poetry explores gender, spirit, and identity. Her work has appeared in Panoply, The Blood Pudding, and From Whispers to Roars.

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The Dillydoun Review

Savannah Dunbar is a writer, poet, singer, and public librarian. She lives in Charleston, South Carolina.

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Patrick Dunn is a professor at Aurora University, where he teaches linguistics, literature, composition, and creative writing. His poetry has been published in Poetry Sky and Fifth Wednesday Journal, among other places, and his book of poetry, Second Person, was published by Finishing Line Press. His writing has been translated into several languages, including Chinese, Russian, and Slovak. He lives in the Chicago suburbs, in a small house surrounded by an unkempt lawn, where he plays the piano (poorly but with great feeling) and cooks (reasonably well and with tremendous gusto).

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Pantoum of the Pandemic
The Dillydoun Review

Nneka Joyce Duru is a wife, mother and a member of the Association of Nigerian Authors, Rivers State branch, Nigeria. She is currently the winner of the 2020 AWA Award in Poetry in Africa. She is a prolific writer, a teacher, and an advocate of African women and children’s rights.

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Dear Work
The Dillydoun Review