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Erica Abbott (she/her) is a Philadelphia-based poet and writer whose work has previously appeared or is forthcoming in Selcouth StationAnti-Heroin ChicperhappenedBandit FictionBrave Voices Magazine, and other journals. She is the author of Self-Portrait as a Sinking Ship (Toho 2020), her debut poetry chapbook. She volunteers for Button Poetry and Mad Poets Society. Follow her on Instagram @poetry_erica and on Twitter @erica_abbott.

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A Prismatic State of Mind
The Dillydoun Review

Joseph Allan is a Canadian author currently at work on his debut novel, Lamentation, and is submitting short stories for publication. Joseph was born and raised in a small prairie town. Bright summers carried with them the earthy animal scent of surrounding farmlands, winters the desolate frost-bitten dark. Surrounded by the stories of everyday life as they played out in universal dramas, he grew, married, worked, raised children. Joseph currently lives in a slightly larger prairie town with his wife and children and, when not writing, Joseph enjoys reading, music, and a good whiskey with both.

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A Cold and Bitter Wind
The Dillydoun Review

Kelli Allen’s work has appeared in numerous journals/anthologies in the US and internationally. Allen is the founding editor of Book of Matches Literary Journal. Allen’s new collection, Banjo’s Inside Coyote, arrived from C&R Press March, 2019.

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W. F. Althaus earned his BA in English (Creative Writing) in 2008 from Wright-State University, and currently lives and works near Colorado Springs with his wife, three kids, dog, cat, and his daughter’s rabbits. His poems have been published in Deadly Writers Patrol, East by Northeast and The Penwood Review.

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A Quick Drink
The Dillydoun Review

Daniel R. Altschuler is professor of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Puerto Rico. In 2010 he was awarded the Andrew Gemant award of the American Institute of Physics for his work on the public understanding of science. His latest book The Women of the Moon was published by Oxford University Press in 2019.

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The Black Feather
The Dillydoun Review

J.P. Amador is a Cuban-American poet from Miami, Florida, living in Brooklyn, New York. A graduate of Florida State University, where he received a Bachelor’s of Arts in creative writing, J.P. works in the service industry, feeding folks between writing poetry. His work has been previously published in 86 Logic Literary Zine and Grand Little Things Poetry Journal.

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Open Letter in the Peerless Age
The Dillydoun Review

Abby Asmuth is from Madison, Wisconsin where she is currently a junior in high school. Her work has previously been published in the Wisconsin State Journal, Blue Marble Review, Inlandia Journal, and Appeley Rising Star Collection. She was also recognized as a Gold Key winner in the Scholastic Art & Writing competition. Outside of writing, her love for literature continues, as she spends hours reading fiction and as lead editor of her school’s literary magazine. When not writing, she can be found spending time with friends and dog, Zuzu.

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Cassidy’s Alarm
The Dillydoun Review

Seven Autumns is simply an experimental fictional writer, who occasionally gets lost in the woods with a notepad and a pen. Instagram: @sevenautumns or Twitter: @minamalekpour

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The Last Fornication
The Dillydoun Review

Oakley Ayden (she/her) is an autistic, bisexual writer from North Carolina. Her poems appear in Ghost City Review, The Cabinet of Heed, Maw: Poetry Journal, Not Very Quiet, Blue Bottle Journal, Brave Voices Magazine, Neologism Poetry Journal, and elsewhere. She lives in California’s San Bernardino National Forest with her two daughters. Find her at, on Twitter (@Oakley_Ayden), or Instagram (@Oakley.Ayden).

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Matthew James Babcock. Idahoan. Writer. Failed breakdancer.

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The People Who Really Impress Me
The Dillydoun Review

Sally Badawi teaches in Portland, Oregon where she lives with her husband and two children. Her most recent work is published or forthcoming in Neologism Poetry JournalMonths to Years Magazine, and Pink Panther Magazine.

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This is Not an Epic Poem
The Dillydoun Review

You can’t tell them how to grieve
Months to Years Magazine

After years of exercising horses at America’s Thoroughbred racetracks, Elizabeth Banicki began writing. Her work on horseracing has been published in The Guardian and has been nominated in Best American Sports Writing and Best American Essays. She has also written features and book reviews for The Austin Chronicle and is currently creating her first short fiction collection. The story submitted here is based on a visit to a ghost town in Bastrop, Texas where all that is left of the people who once lived there is a quiet graveyard in the middle of a remote and isolated prairie.

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Who Cares for the Dead
The Dillydoun Review

Jerrice J. Baptiste is the author of eight books. She has been published in West Trestle Review, Rigorous, About Place Journal, Plants & Poetry Journal, The Tulane Review, and many others.

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My Language
The Dillydoun Review

Chloe Bausano is an emerging poet from New York City who recently graduated from Cornell University with a degree in English Literature. She has been published by Beyond Words Literary Magazine, Eris & Eros, and twice by Cathexis Northwest Press. She strives to capture feelings of love and nostalgia through her work.

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The Dillydoun Review

Bryan Barks is a writer and advocate living the Washington, DC area.

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New Year’s Eve
The Dillydoun Review

Kate Becker lives and writes in coastal Maine. Walking daily by the ocean, traveling, and food are her passions and the basis of her writing. Short stories and novelettes make up the bulk of her writing, and a novel filled with French food is underway. Creative writing courses at Sarah Lawrence, Fairfield, and Westport Writer’s Workshop, and an MS in PR/Communications (NYU), have honed her skills as a writer. To learn more about her fiction writing, visit and for food posts visit Bleuberet – Follow the Food!

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The Newel Post
The Dillydoun Review

An alum of Warren Wilson College’s MFA Program for Writers, Julie Benesh is the recipient of an Illinois Arts Council Grant. Her writing can be found in Bestial Noise: A Tin House Fiction Reader, Tin House Magazine (print), Crab Orchard Review, Florida Review, Gulf Stream, Cleaver, Journal of Compressed Creative Arts, New World Writing, and many other places and is forthcoming in Hobart and Drunk Monkeys.

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Injured Parties
The Dillydoun Review

Dad 2.0
The Dillydoun Review

Maria Berardi‘s poems have appeared online, in print, in university literary journals, meditation magazines, and at the Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities. Her first book, Cassandra Gifts, was published in 2013 by Turkey Buzzard Press, and she is currently at work on her second, Pagan, from which these poems are excerpted. She lives in Colorado at precisely 8,888 feet above sea level. Her process is one of listening for transmissions and trying to catch them on paper before they dissipate: the glimpse, the complicated knowledge.

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The Dillydoun Review

François Bereaud celebrated turning 50 by earning an MFA from San Diego State University. He was the bosque journal’s “Discovery Author Award” winner in 2017. He has been published in the City Works Journal, online at Rejected Manuscripts, The Write Launch, Sundial Magazine, and has stories upcoming at Blood & Bourbon, the Table for None Anthology, and the Kind Writers Literary Magazine. He has written a novel and two short story collections which he dreams of seeing in the window of his beloved neighborhood bookstore. He is a husband, dad, full-time community college math professor, tutor and mentor in the Congolese refugee community, and a mediocre hockey player.

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The Dillydoun Review

My Father’s Story
Sundial Magazine

The Write Launch

Emily Guy Birken is the author of four books on personal finance, including The Five Years Before You Retire, with a fifth under contract, and her byline has appeared in Forbes. She has been writing professionally since 2010. She lives in Milwaukee with her engineer husband, two sons who are determined to make her a Pokemon expert, a retired greyhound, and a cat that doubles as a throw pillow. You can follow Emily on Twitter @emilyguybirken

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The Body in the Library
The Dillydoun Review

Stephanos Bitsakaki is a Greek-born Glaswegian writer, who graduated in English Literature and Film & Television studies in 2018 from the University of Glasgow where he is currently studying a Masters in Creative Writing. Having worked in almost any field that will pay a wage, he is passionate about politics and social change. A self-professed geek, he spends most of his time on his computer when he isn’t climbing up a mountain with his fiancée.

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The Murder
The Dillydoun Review

Seth Tyler Black is an interdisciplinary artist, writer, and union film production crew worker based in Upstate NY.

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A Beginning Before
The Dillydoun Review

James L. Blackburn is a freelance journalist living in southwest Florida with occasional expeditions to Ecuador.

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Warm Briar
The Dillydoun Review

Suzette Blom had a career in Law and Academics. She has published 8 short stories in the last year. She loves living in Toronto.

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The Accidental Hero
The Dillydoun Review

Andy Bodinger is a fiction writer and graduate student at Oklahoma State University. He is a former ESL teacher and a current associate editor at the Cimarron Review, and his work has been published in Lunch Ticket and The Stockholm Review of Literature, among other places.

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The Dillydoun Review

Ace Boggess is the author of five books of poetry, including MisadventureUltra Deep Field, and The Prisoners. His writing has appeared in Harvard ReviewNotre Dame ReviewMid-American Review, and other journals. He received a fellowship from the West Virginia Commission on the Arts and spent five years in a West Virginia prison. He lives in Charleston, West Virginia. Follow Ace on Twitter: @AceBoggess

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The Dillydoun Review

Why Worry When You Don’t Need to Go Anywhere
The Dillydoun Review

Pink Supermoon
The Dillydoun Review

(, 2020)

Destiny Bookman is a sophomore college student from Philadelphia. She wants to be a child therapist because children are great and deserve support. Her primary interests are writing, pretty rocks, underrated animated shows, and listening to years old albums she should have listened to sooner. Destiny writes a little of everything. She hates bugs but, when needed, uses them as inspiration to escape writer’s block.

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Yellow Jacket
The Dillydoun Review

Carl Boon is the author of the full-length collection Places & Names: Poems (The Nasiona Press, 2019). His poems have appeared in many journals and magazines, including Prairie SchoonerPosit, and The Maine Review. He received his Ph.D. in Twentieth-Century American Literature from Ohio University in 2007, and currently lives in Izmir, Turkey, where he teaches courses in American culture and literature at Dokuz Eylül University.

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Any Fire
The Dillydoun Review

Places & Names: Poems
The Nasiona Press

Noémie Boucher is 20 years old and an aspiring novelist. Born in Richmond, British Columbia, she fell in love with literature at a young age. She is currently putting the finishing touches on an adventure manuscript that she started writing when she was 15. Noémie hopes to someday write novels to transport, inspire and touch readers, the same way literature has done for her.

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Une Recette de Ratatouille
The Dillydoun Review

Sophia Bradley was born and raised in Massachusetts with a passion for literature from a young age. College-bound for the autumn season, she has been versed in creative writing already as a high school student. This would be her first publication as an emerging writer.

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Une Danse dans les Étoiles
The Dillydoun Review

Robert Brakeman lives in Monroe CT and is a graduate of Northfield Mount Hermon School and Gettysburg College. Much of his poetry focuses on traumas and events, typically fueled by alcoholism and drug abuse, that have unfolded in his life or in the lives of those nearest him. He has a poem published in Passengers Journal and one forthcoming in The Bangalore Review. Robert can be reached at

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why can’t your god be my god
The Dillydoun Review

J.C. Bratcher, educated at Cumberland University of Tennessee and participated in a doctorate program studying human behavior at Tennessee Tech University. Several publications in professional journals. Writer of poetry, prose, parable, and aspiring novelist.

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The Dillydoun Review

A musician and writer, David Brensilver has played with orchestras and R&B, jazz, and swing groups in venues ranging from the glorious to the disgusting. His journalism has appeared in Drum! and Modern Drummer magazines and at New Music Box (an online publication of New Music USA). His satirical novel ExecTV was published in 2005 by ENC Press.

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The Dillydoun Review

Donovan Bridgeman is a writer of poetry and short fiction. He has a creative background and a degree in the musical arts, with production and performance credits on several works. His most recent work has been published in Beyond Words Literary Magazine, The Stardust Review, and Coffin Bell Journal. He currently teaches English at a school in South Wales and is working on his first novel.

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Crazy Old Mud
The Dillydoun Review

Michael Burke is a student of writing and literature. He lives happily in a small New England town.

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Gillian Burnes lives in central Maine and works as a freelance magazine copy editor. Other stories of hers have appeared in Glimmer Train and Split Lip, and she’s putting the final polish on a novel about a public radio reporter.

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The Dillydoun Review

Sabrina Bustamante is an emerging writer who studied creative writing and history as an undergraduate at Yale University, where her non-fiction essay won the Henry P. Wright prize. She has a work of creative non-fiction forthcoming in Bending Genres Journal. She lives in Washington, D.C.

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I Found a Carcass
The Dillydoun Review

C. Rommial Butler‘s writings may be postmortem reflections of a time he didn’t exist to enjoy filtered through the flesh matrix of a biochemical computer program.

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Journey through the Age of Reason
The Dillydoun Review

No matter where you go you always find your way back home. Connor Bye has travelled the greater part of Canada and settled in various cities, but none preoccupy his work like Owen Sound Ontario, the place he was born. From the hospital to the harbour, his characters are on every street, in every park, and getting drunk every Friday night.

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