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LaTonya Floyd Wants Justice

Nicole ZelnikerCOVERING A YEAR LATER: HOW LOCAL COMMUNITIES CONTINUE TO ADVOCATE FOR BLACK LIVES AFTER GEORGE FLOYD’S MURDERTDR Regular Contributor / September 20, 2021 LaTonya Floyd wants justice. She wants justice for her brother, George Floyd, and for every other person who has, like her, lost the people they love in an epidemic of violence.…


A Poem by Wayne David Hubbard wanderlust is my middle name unpenned verbs in the book of longing alanis morissette crooning irony through tinny speakers at a bar in arizona i raise a shot glass to you and swallow it whole Wayne David Hubbard is an author and educator. His work appears in Button Poetry,…


A Poem by d w Stojek O’ it’s a lonely maypole in three footfall snow, and where may I go without reason, without clothes? By the seat of my bicycle, full of frost and icicles let my Fancy sway, unfettered in the winter’s shortened day… “Yes, but well, what are you doing here?” Had you…

Autism, Writing, and the Encroaching World

Robert FrombergCovering Autism and CreativityTDR Regular Contributor / September 15, 2021 Now available: Robert Fromberg’s How to Walk with Steve Join Us on September 26, 2021, at 1 pm for our How to Walk with Steve launch party. The event is free and will feature readings from Robert Fromberg, Adrienne Marie Barrios, Victoria Buitron, and…

The Longest Snow Day

A Poem by Susan Miller It will be like a snow day —all of us penned in our holes,yearning to topple ontobarstools, strip off ourwinter wool, order roundsof Jack and uncorkour weather war stories. Yeh, just like a snow day,that’s what you said, asalways so rock-solid sure.You didn’t want to hearmy what-ifs, feel myclammy palms,…

J.S. Bach: The Six Partitas

Joseph Fleetwood JEFFREY HAMPTONCOVERING CONTEMPORARY CLASSICAL MUSIC ARTISTSTDR REGULAR CONTRIBUTOR /September 13, 2021 I struggle to find something unique to say about the music of J.S. Bach, an extremely difficult task for a composer who died in 1750—almost 300 years ago. It is clear, however, that his music has remained relevant to this day. Like…

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That is part of the beauty of all literature. You discover that your longings are universal longings, that you’re not lonely and isolated from anyone. You belong.

F. Scott Fitzgerald