Fast Track Feedback Submission Option

We Have Reopened the Fast Track Feedback Option!

The Dillydoun Review never charges a fee for reading regular submissions but
we do offer a Fast Track / Feedback option for those who wish to
receive a response within 24 hours for fiction and nonfiction.

We also offer a Fast Track option for poetry but we do not offer feedback.
When you submit poetry via the Fast Track option, you will receive
a response within 24 hours sans feedback.

FICTION: Fast Track / Feedback
Response in 24 Hours – $15


NONFICTION: Fast Track / Feedback
Response in 24 Hours – $15


Poetry: Fast Track
Response in 24 Hours – $15

The idea is this… when a submission is made through Fast Track / Feedback, a fee of $15 is applied. TDR then reads your work and provides detailed feedback, whether the submission is accepted or declined, all within 24 hours.

It’s not a guarantee that work will be accepted. But it is a kind, generous way to support TDR while at the same time affording us an opportunity to spend more time with your work. Not to mention, it’s a unique opportunity to receive unbiased, professional, and quick feedback.

We offer our honest opinion and constructive criticism.

Check it out if you think it’s right for you. We look forward to reading your work.

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