Congratulations to Our Pushcart Prize Nominees 2021

The Dillydoun Review is proud to announce our nominees for the Pushcart Prize. We are forever grateful for these exceptional writers, as well as all the other talented writers, who took a chance on a new literary journal. TDR is only about a month old but we already have an enviable author list. Join me in congratulating these six!

Noémie Boucher
(Fiction) – “Une Recette de Ratatouille” / Forthcoming in Issue 1

W. David Hancock
(Fiction) – Memory Mobile / Forthcoming in Issue 1

Iain Maloney
(Fiction) – The Jungle / Forthcoming in Issue 1

Judy Schneier
(Fiction) – Biyalis and Salsa / Forthcoming in Issue 1

Wendy Shaia
(Fiction) – Waiting for Something / Forthcoming in Issue 1

Patti White
(Nonfiction) – The Fall / Available to Read Now @TDR Daily

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